Consent Management Platform Software

What is the need for a Consent Management Platform?

Currently, every website you visit enables third parties to access your data. This data is valuable to these third parties for a lot of reasons. However, if the wrong person accesses this data, this can potentially endanger you. Hence, governments have set laws, policies and regulations in place so that people's data can be safe while they are online. This is where a consent management platform (CMP) comes into the picture. It enables the users to collect and manage personal information and consent and ensure they are in line with either European Union's GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or California's CCPA regulations. For third-party companies adhering to these regulations is essential as it is part of their operational requirement.

You can follow, watch, and respond to the request and consent preferences of the data subject by gaining visibility into the personal data lifecycle from the point of opt-in to the end at which the data is removed. The CMP also enables you to manage notices centrally and distribute them to all channels for obtaining consent. Additionally, CMP will give you a comprehensive picture of your actions so you can show compliance for any data subject at any time and on any level.

Even though many consent management platforms are available in the market, each has its design and concept. You can read more about them in this article.

When is user consent required?

As per the GDPR, there are five conditions under which user consent is required.

  • Legal obligation - Depending on the data being processed, legal information, such as criminal histories, may be necessary.
  • Contractual requirement- Consent may be required to supply products and services and complete the order. For instance, the user must submit their address to get their things delivered.
  • Legitimate interest- If there is a valid justification for processing personal data without consent, it is done. As there will be several interpretations to consider, this will vary legally from case to instance.
  • Vital Interest- You do not need consent when processing data is necessary or "essential" for protecting someone's life. Providers of healthcare and insurance do not request permission.
  • Performance of public tasks- Authorities are exempt from the consent-gathering process if they carry out duties or responsibilities in the public interest. These consist of the police, government agencies, schools, and hospitals.

You can check out this website to learn more about the guidelines set under the GDPR on user consent.

Reasons why companies are opting for consent management platform software-

  • Personalized approach - This software creates more trust between the brand and the audience. Clients and users might feel that the company is watching out for them, which can build trust and loyalty toward the brand. Thereby leading to a more positive relationship between the two parties.
  • Consent-taking is simplified - Considering the emergence and development of privacy laws in recent years, it becomes essential to know how to handle customer data. Therefore, by using consent management platform software, companies can be quickly aware of their users' privacy preferences.
  • Customized to fit the brand's needs- When consent management platform software first arrived on the market, there was simple software. However, with the development in technology, there are a lot many tools available in the market. This software can be easily configured to fit the needs of the brand, and many options are available for the user. It also enables customizable messaging and consent categories to deliver clear messages to the site visitors.

Make sure to read more about the rise in consent management platform software.

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