Embedded Analytics Software

Integrating reports, dashboards, data visualizations, and other strong BI capabilities into a business application or website is known as embedded analytics or embedded business intelligence (BI). To increase data usability and decision making, the information is displayed and controlled by a BI platform and placed directly within the application or product's user interface. It gives users the knowledge and insights they want and need in a format they're already used to.

Embedded analytics integrates the power of business intelligence into the user experience of a current application, providing users and customers with greater context and new data within the operational apps they now use.

This integration of BI into existing operational or custom apps boosts user adoption and makes applications more valuable than standard BI and analytics. Embedded analytics provides data and insights right where users need them, and it can lead to even more insights and better decisions.

Benefits of Embedded Analytics:

  • Reporting through Self-Service:
    Users can obtain insights and answers using straightforward, drag-and-drop reporting UIs, reducing analytics and IT assistance requirements. In addition, users may self-serve what they need with a report and dashboard design environment built to empower them, rather than waiting for specific embedded analytics from other teams. As a result, IT personnel can focus on more vital duties rather than responding to ad hoc requests from business customers.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction:
    Embedded analytics allows users to acquire the information they need without leaving the programme, which is ideal for those designing internal or commercial apps. As a result, productivity rises and the customer experience improves. Embedded analytics incorporates the capabilities that users require into the business application, simplifying the user experience and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Increased Revenue:
    Those who apply embedded analytics in commercial applications might create an additional revenue source. For example, custom reports might be charged for by businesses. In fact, including analytics in an app can boost the value per user by up to 1,250 per cent. It can also become a competitive advantage by allowing innovative items to reach a faster market.

Goals of an embedded analytics software

An embedded analytics platform's primary purpose is to assist users in working more efficiently. Its goal is to help people solve high-level business problems using relevant data and analytics. Unlike typical business intelligence, the solution concentrates on internal application issues.

In layman's terms, analytics technology refers to technologies incorporated or embedded within the software. Embedded analytics is a term that refers to an integrative framework of analytic content and capabilities.

It's a component of a business process app. Embedded analytics and associated technologies aid in the provision of relevant data and the development of analytical tools. As a result, it enables users to work smarter and more efficiently in everyday activities.

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