Employee Advocacy Software

What is Employee Advocacy Software, and how does it work?

Employee advocacy software assists employers in establishing employee advocacy programs and makes it easier for employees to share branded content and messaging. Employees can browse and use a library of approved posts created by administrators. Analytics, gamification features, automated messages, and competitor insights are all available through employee advocacy tools. These tools assist businesses in establishing communication policies, recognizing employees, and cultivating positive and engaged workplace cultures.

Employee advocacy is a new marketing and communications field. Employees are critical stakeholders in any business because they interact directly with customers. Employees are thus in a unique position to promote a company through word-of-mouth marketing. These interactions can range from answering questions about products and career opportunities on social media to presenting at an industry conference.

An employee network and a content management system are usually included in employee advocacy software. Organizations can recognize employee contributions using employee advocacy tools that include employee recognition. Employee networks can be used to highlight employee accomplishments, role models, and thought leaders.

Employee Advocacy Software's Key Benefits:

  • Increases referral traffic and brand recognition for a company.
  • Assists employees in becoming an industry thought leaders and expanding their professional networks.
  • Assists businesses in cultivating relationships with their employees and capturing real-time feedback.

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Features of Employee Advocacy Software

  • Gamification: Most employee advocacy software has gamification features to keep employees' engagement with the software high and keep them coming back. Contests, leader boards, and prizes are among the gamification features that encourage healthy competition among employees.
  • Mobile capability: As technology advances, social media engagement on mobile devices continues to rise. Employee advocacy software allows employees to write, upload, and share content on their mobile devices. If an employee is attending a trade show or a live event where they want to post in real-time, they may need to post on their mobile device.
  • Integration with social media: Employee advocacy software that integrates with social media platforms allows employees to post content to various social media platforms directly (i.e., LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • Analytics and reporting: To better understand the impact of campaigns, employee advocacy software analyzes user engagement. This type of software keeps track of all interactions between employees as well as all shared content. Additionally, this feature allows businesses to track website traffic and conversions generated by employees' sharing activity.
  • Content curation: Employees can access a collection of pre-approved content that they can share on social media networks thanks to content curation capabilities. Furthermore, third-party curated content boosts engagement and empowers employees to become thought leaders and share content that isn't always related to their company.
  • ROI calculator: Some employee advocacy tools include an ROI calculator that allows brands to calculate the earned media value of their advocacy programs.

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