Job Board Software

Job board software helps employers create touchpoints through which job seekers can apply to open positions in the company. Some of the functions of job board software are setting up a personalized career site in minutes, posting to multiple job boards, and publishing open positions on social media channels. It can also help in creating an exclusive portal for internal jobs and an ability to accommodate and work with external vendors. However these are some of the features a job board software can have, but it is not limited to the above.

Benefits of Job Board Software

  • Amplify Sourcing Efforts: Job Board Software helps add all facets of candidate sourcing into one arsenal - from job aggregators to internal job portals. Having this feature fixes a lot of problems. Otherwise, recruiters would be switching from multiple web applications or job aggregators to post jobs, edit them or keep track of what’s happening.
  • Streamline Hiring Process: Job board software helps reduce paperwork and excel sheets by adding innovative HR software that assists them in working in a more organized way. All details and particulars for the recruiters are categorized in one system, accessible to the whole team.
  • Screen Candidates Faster: When working with multiple recruiting channels, a recruiter can be bogged down by the volume of applications. This can be fixed when there is an efficient screening system in place. A recruiter needs a job board software with screening features like custom application forms, resume parser, or the ability to run pre-assessment tools.
  • Optimize Hiring Budget: Job board software optimizes your selection of job boards to maximize efficiency. It makes reports that enable you to compare the time to hire, cost per hire, and other essential metrics for different candidate sources and make informed sourcing decisions.
  • Mobile Apps: Some job board software comes with an additional feature of mobile apps. It provides a pocket-sized solution that notifies you quickly when something important happens. For example, you can receive a response when a candidate wrote to you, or when a colleague progressed the candidate to the next round, or when someone sent in feedback, and so on.
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    Standard Features of Job Board Software

    • Integration to Job Portals: A good job board software can integrate with any major job portal like LinkedIn, Indeed, etc., to attract the best talent - and assist you in managing job postings on different channels in a single dashboard.
    • Applicant Tracking Capabilities: A job board software also comes with an ATS that automatically helps you track job applications from job boards rather than adding them manually. The ATS will also help you schedule assessments, plan interviews and roll out job offers from the same platform.
    • Connected to Your Mailbox: Most job board software also provides integration to your mailbox, providing notifications that enable you to track applications.
    • Custom Tracking Links: A great job board software offers custom tracking links. It helps you track where your best candidates are coming from, which job board gives you the most negligible ROI, and which has the best potential. In addition, custom tracking links help manage your hiring budget efficiently.
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