Loan Origination Software

What is Loan Origination Software?

Mortgage loan originators (MLOs) use loan origination software to manage and automate the many stages of the loan-service cycle, such as document verification, loan processing, credit approval, and loan sanctioning. This program includes built-in regulatory compliance and risk assessment features that help MLOs run more efficiently.

The Advantages of Loan Origination Software

  • Automate the underwriting and rating process.
  • Provide control and visibility into the loan origination process.
  • Allow customers to self-serve through a client portal.
  • The loan administration method could be improved.

Why Use Loan Origination Software?

There are several reasons why loan origination software is essential. These technologies help lenders improve their back-end procedures and front-end user experience, which is critical for the lending industry's digitization.

  • Cost reduction- Loan origination solutions minimize the number of tasks that need to be handled by human agents, lowering costs. Loan origination software frees up time for lenders to focus on more value-added duties by automating decisions at the credit approval stage and enables consumers to self-service accounts via client portals. These responsibilities could be focused on strategy or reaching out to potential clients. Clients can submit papers, change information on files, track the status of their requests, and more without having to speak with a live person. Loan origination tools should make substantial headway in lowering the amount of work lending agents must put into servicing their accounts as long as the routing is well-crafted and the back end set-up is done correctly.
  • Increased control- With the analytics tools provided by loan origination solutions, lenders can define the rules in their automatic decisioning engines and better understand their business.
  • Automation- Loan origination technologies automate large swaths of lenders' back-end procedures. The automation speeds up the lending process, allowing institutions utilizing loan origination software to make speedy offers to potential consumers.

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Features of Loan Origination Software

  • Document management: Upload, store, and distribute all documents (e.g., loan applications, income reports) in one central area, making information more accessible to all parties involved.
  • Loan Processing: Gather the necessary information and papers to process loan requests.
  • Audit Trail: View date/time data and track changes throughout the loan servicing cycle.
  • Compliance Management: Track and manage policy violations (which can be regulatory as well as organizational).
  • Customer Management: Capture and analyze customer data and interactions to improve the customer experience.
  • Online Application: Allow consumers to complete online application forms to submit loan requests.
  • Price Engine: Determine and produce borrowers' loan pricing situations.
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