Visual Search Software

What is visual search technology, and how does it work?

The internet is filled with images. There are thousands and thousands of photos out there. And sometimes, it might feel that when you look at one picture and attempt to find it again, it might appear to get lost in the vast abyss of the internet. That's where visual search technology comes into the picture. It is a technology that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) aids users in locating the image, keyword, or text they are looking for.

One great example of how this technology operates is the advanced model image search used by Kindle and Google. This technology enables children to find and filter through the content on their mobile devices. This is also a great way to find that particular dress you saw a celebrity wearing. With a visual search tool, customers no longer have to painstakingly select words for search engine capabilities to track down their dream dress. Instead, searching online can be as simple as uploading a single picture or screenshot to find something similar at online retail stores.

Advantages of using visual search software to optimize your online business.

Now that you are aware of what a visual search software is and how it operates let's try and use this tool to benefit your online business. If you are someone who runs an online business or has an eCommerce store, visual search software will be exactly the right tool to boost your business.

  • Increase in sales- According to a study conducted across Airbnb, it was found that there was a 13 per cent increase in booking rate after they showed the customers a picture of the living room. This means that just a visual of your product/services can attract more customers and quickly boost your sales.
  • Market faster, with greater accuracy- Setting up an online store can be highly time-consuming, especially when so many manual and tedious tasks are at hand. However, visual search software is self-learning and powered by artificial intelligence technology. It will save you time and also provide the most accurate results while you can focus on what you do best.
  • Connect with your audience better- Humans are visual creatures. We need to have a visual component to spark our imagination. Therefore, it is essential to use a visual tool to better engage with your audience. Providing images of your products will enable them to understand your product/service better in a shorter time and keep them interested longer. It is known that visuals are highly influential in altering consumer perception. Hence it would help if you considered using this knowledge to your advantage.
  • Integration and social media- As a business owner, your main aim should be to expand your business and increase its recognition in the market. Using visual search software optimizes this process with maximum efficiency. It also aids in improving the brand's quality.
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