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AWeber is a market leader of small business email marketing software. Founded in 1998, AWeber has over 20 years of proven success helping more than one million customers around the world reliably connect with their prospects and customers through powerfully-simple email marketing software. Along with its award-winning 24/7 US-based customer support, AWeber delivers the ability to quickly build responsive landing pages, load and manage contacts, send amazing emails, and analyze results.

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In-Depth Reviewer Comments

Marty X.
Email marketing with Aweber is worth it

Overall great tool with helpful capabilities, of course, its primary feature is email marketing, and it is easy to create campaigns in this tool. Its a beginner friendly and a great fit for those searching for a no-code email automation tool like us.

How did your team benefit the most?:
We had access to real time results shown in a well designed dashboard, and it let us track every single change and what effect these changes are bringing and accordingly we optimized it for the best possible results.
One Major Feature That You Benefited From:
We tested dozens of sequences, did a side by side comparisons, and pushed only those which outperformed the rest, it was only possible because Aweber offers A/B split testing feature. This helps in channelizing campaigns in the right direction and saves time also.
How difficult is it to get started?:
Credit to their content team, they have provided detailed tutorials on every feature, their knowledge base is also of great help for newbies who are just starting out with email marketing.
One thing or feature you would improve:
I need more templates with proven results, current ones are good but not what I'm looking for.
Size of your organization:
Position or Role:
Why You Signed Up:
We use Aweber to A/B test email campaigns

Kirsten A.
Hassel free email automation software

Such a great software for email marketing and automation. Earlier, we needed a bunch of tools to set up email campaign sequences, and now we do the entire set up with just one tool.

How did your team benefit the most?:
The extent of customization we could add to our emails was amazing, and we did that just by dragging and dropping elements from its sidebar.
One Major Feature That You Benefited From:
It helped us understand our campaign's performance we could see real-time data in the report section. I would also like to mention its A/B testing feature we tested several email variations to figure out the ones performing the best.
How difficult is it to get started?:
The dashboard is very straightforward no complications that we encountered, and useful resources are available on their site, using them anyone can start building fail-proof email sequences in no time.
One thing or feature you would improve:
I'm yet to experience anything that I would want to be improved with this platform.
Size of your organization:
Position or Role:
Senior Content Strategist
Why You Signed Up:
To create automated email sequences for our subscribers

Jean Y.
Great tool for email automation

Overall the tool is amazing its like you can do entire email funnel building from one single platform from creating landing pages for different emails, to seeing up email segmentation for better targeting.

How did your team benefit the most?:
We saw a positive increase in our newsletter signup because we automated sequences to keep our audience engaged, which resulted in more signups.
One Major Feature That You Benefited From:
I would say email segmentation so with this option we can segment our subscribers into different segments and target them separately with specific email content.
How difficult is it to get started?:
It is not at all complicated, and I think if you go through a couple of youtube tutorials, you'll figure out how to set up email and how to automate different sequences.
One thing or feature you would improve:
I would say we are constrained in testing our email sequences because A/B is only possible with premium plans, and we are using its free plan, which allows up to 500 subscribers.
Size of your organization:
Position or Role:
Why You Signed Up:
To set up email sequences

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AWeber Free <ul> <li>Up to 500 email subscribers</li> <li>Landing pages</li> <li>Web push notifications</li> <li>Drag and drop builder</li> </ul> 0.00 Month
AWebe Pro <ul> <li>For upto 500 subscribers</li> <li>Unlimited email lists</li> <li>Advanced email automation</li> <li>Remove AWeber branding</li> </ul> 19.99 Month
This app has yearly payment discounts available.

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Independent Reviewer Comments

Always good
Kevin Hemmering

I sold my company in 2012, and have been consulting for more than 70 companies since then. My advice for any consumer-facing product is INTEGRATE AWEBER. Sure it can be difficult to implement fully, but that pays my consulting fees! All jokes aside, almost every client loves AWeber and once fully integrated, it becomes a big part of their operational sales models.

Two thumbs up!

Reliable and foundational to start-ups
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  • AWeber Free
    <ul> <li>Up to 500 email subscribers</li> <li>Landing pages</li> <li>Web push notifications</li> <li>Drag and drop builder</li> </ul>
  • AWebe Pro
    <ul> <li>For upto 500 subscribers</li> <li>Unlimited email lists</li> <li>Advanced email automation</li> <li>Remove AWeber branding</li> </ul>
SEO PowerSuite
  • Free
    <ul> <li>Maximum number of websites - Unlimited</li> <li>Maximum number of keywords - Unlimited</li> <li>Backlinks - 1,100 Links</li> <li>Crawl pages for SEO audit - 500 URLs</li> </ul>
  • Professional
    <ul> <li>Backlinks - Unlimited</li> <li>Crawl pages for SEO audit - Unlimited</li> <li>Link management - Unlimited</li> <li>History of ranks, backlinks etc</li> </ul>
  • Enterprise
    <ul> <li>Competitors rank tracking - 40</li> <li>Printing reports - Without watermarks</li> <li>White-labeling reports for clients</li> <li>Automatic scheduled report delivery</li> </ul>
  • Entry
    <ul> <li>Mass actions</li> <li>Fraud prevention</li> <li>Smart traffic monetization</li> <li>Automation features</li> </ul>
  • Scale
    <ul> <li>CPC/CPM support</li> <li>Advertiser account</li> <li>VTA</li> <li>Promocodes</li> </ul>
  • Custom
    <ul> <li>SOC 2 Certification</li> <li>Whitelabel</li> <li>Event reports</li> <li>Revenue prediction</li> </ul>
  • Standard
    <ul> <li>Messaging</li> <li>Listings</li> <li>Reviews</li> </ul>
  • Professional
    <ul> <li>Webchat</li> </ul>
  • Premium
    <ul> <li>Referrals</li> <li>Surveys</li> <li>Ticketing</li> <li>Insights</li> </ul>

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