10 best Automated Workflow Software

If you want to upscale your business, chances are that you are struggling to manage the additional processes, people, workflows, and information. You are not alone, and we have the perfect solution for you - Automated Workflow Software.

Automated workflow software can automate all your processes, data, human interaction, and technological inputs based on your rules. Some triggers like user action and form filling will initiate tasks, which are automatically performed based on the standards you set. All the necessary information is routed between employees.

Such softwares are a valuable asset for any company because they reduce human dependence. Without automated software for your workflows, you will have to spend precious time and resources on manually keeping track of all the processes, human effort, and internal and external communications. You can then channel newly free resources into growing your business and upscaling.

Benefits of using an Automated Workflow Software

  • Automated workflow software is an excellent option for a business struggling to keep up with new technology. Most softwares are user-friendly and allow your employees to customize them using simple steps without requiring too much technical knowledge.
  • Another great thing about automated workflow softwares- you don't need to keep track of multiple spreadsheets and emails anymore. Your communications and activities get recorded so that employees can view all the details from one platform.
  • Information is disseminated quickly, and workflow visibility from top to bottom increases. This feature also helps you determine any deviations and facilitates corrective action.
  • Workflow software can also act as a platform for employee collaboration where you can assign tasks and monitor performance. You can also manage tasks with the help of calendars and dashboards. As a result, workload management improves.
  • Since all processes are automated, you can avoid repetition and negligence due to human error. Subsequently, operational costs are also reduced.
  • Since everyone gets the same information simultaneously, you can make faster decisions and get an edge over competitors dependent upon manual workflows. As a result, productivity increases, saving time and resources, which you can channel elsewhere.
  • Since you decide the standards and parameters for all processes, compliance with regulations and laws becomes easier.
  • In a consumer-centric world, improving customer service is one of the most effective ways to increase profitability and engagement. Workflow automation software allows you to automate your customer interactions and improve the quality of customer service.
  • Most softwares have an in-built dashboard that presents critical insights about performance and achievement of KPIs.

Now that we have discussed the benefits of automated workflow software, its time we get to our list of 10 best softwares-

1. Kissflow Workflow

kissflow workflowKissflow is the all-in-one workflow automation software designed to be simple and efficient. It allows your employees to create personalized workflows using simple drag-and-drop options.

It is the perfect software for creating new applications and integrating existing ones using low code/no code features. You can also connect popular apps from the integration hub.

Using the logic builder, you can visualize and create sophisticated processes. Make use of interactive boards to streamline the workflows of different projects. All your work activities are now on a single platform, creating a streamlined information dissemination process.

Kissflow also connects all your teams, like finance, HR, marketing, sales, etc., at one point and enables cross-team collaboration. Manage projects and performances of team members seamlessly. You can also manage customer queries and tickets using customizable boards.

Utilize KIssflow's insightful analytics to power your business growth. No matter the direction you want to take with your business, Kissflow will support your scalability plans. Most importantly, your data will always stay encrypted with the latest security measures.

Kissflow Workflow is an app available on Insiderapps.com


iftttIFTTT stands for "If this, then that," and it is a powerful tool for seamlessly connecting all your apps, tools, and services. If your business is struggling with tech incompatibility, IFTTT is the perfect solution for you.

You can create automated workflows called Applets by combining triggers and actions from different applications. For example, whenever you post on Instagram, an event can automatically be added to your calendar. The Applets you set up can be pre-made, or you can customize them for your needs.

Some pre-made applets that are beneficial for your business are-

  • Publish new videos as WordPress posts.
  • Set up tasks on Google Calendar.
  • Share files from Dropbox folders.
  • Keep track of your Tweets.

IFTTT is not only software for simplifying your business processes, but it can also enhance the quality of your personal life by tracking health metrics, automating home appliances, etc.

You also get the option to use widgets. They enable you to set an action in motion without even unlocking your device. With a simple button, you can initiate a sequence of powerful actions.

IFTTT is an app available on Insiderapps.com

3. monday.com

monday.commonday.com is an excellent platform for managing different business aspects and seamlessly switching from manual to automatic workflows. You can use low/no code features to integrate departments like HR and marketing for development, project management, CRM, etc.

You can create workflows to ensure that they fit your team's alignment and boost performance. Make use of dashboards, notifications, reminders, and progress trackers to ensure that you never miss a deadline.

Centralize all processes on a single platform to maintain a single database across the entire organization. You also get the option to integrate apps like google suite, adobe, etc., to simplify processes further.

monday.com is a great software when it comes to project management as well. You can use boards to visualize your ideas, get multiple view options for tracking progress, collaborate across different teams, and view performance-related insights on the dashboard.

monday.com is an app available on Insiderapps.com

4. Wrike

wrikeTrusted by companies like Google and Siemens, Wrike is a versatile solution for automating all your workflows.

Wrike can be customized to enable-

  • Cross-departmental communication and real-time collaboration,
  • Launch of glitch-free marketing campaigns,
  • Project management by streamlining workflows and tasks,
  • Improvement of product management and digital marketing strategies using intelligent automation,
  • Client management
  • Integration of IT teams with operations, and
  • Software development using Agile project management.

Keeping track of endless email threads and meetings isn't necessary anymore because Wrike facilitates real-time work across the organization. You can use notifications, comments, dynamic reports, and live editing.

Become proactive by tracking any potential roadblocks before time and deliver better results. With Wrike, your information will remain safe using industry-leading security systems, which you have complete control over.

Wrike is an app available on Insiderapps.com

5. ClickUp

clickupClickUp is a cloud-based project management system. It helps you in planning, setting up tasks, and managing effort. You can also track progress with the help of quantitative updates.

You can also replace all your communication channels with ClickUp to streamline communication. Interact in real-time, send messages directed at individuals and groups, and link tasks.
Visualization of tasks helps you keep track of all that is happening and use boards, lists, and calendars to document changes and progress. Use whiteboards for visualization and dashboards for viewing results.

Chain many actions together, and place conditions for when to initiate a series of steps. Automation of workflow has never been more uncomplicated.

ClickUp is an app available on Insiderapps.com

6. Adobe Workfront

adobe workfrontAdobe Workfront is a management software designed for enterprises. This software can help you collaborate, execute strategies, assign tasks, manage projects, simplify approvals, and optimize content delivery.

Adobe Workfront specializes in all aspects of the workflow process-


You can streamline ideas, workflows, and inputs visually to get a clear picture of your strategy.


Once you have the strategy down pat, you can focus on planning by assigning tasks, integrating other applications, managing resources, and adapting to changing situations.


Connect members for collaboration, set up automated workflows using pre-made templates or customizing your own, and integrate different tools to get the work done.


Compliance and approvals are easier with Adobe Workfront. You can now track progress and changes from start to finish using dashboards. Use inline proofing features to avoid errors and re-work.


Finally, you can use configurable dashboards to measure progress and productivity. Thus, ensuring that results are delivered effectively and efficiently.

Adobe Workfront is an app available on Insiderapps.com

7. Timely

timelyTimely is a unique workflow automation software that tracks your time so that you can focus on work instead. It reduces manual dependence on time tracking so that no estimation and oversight errors are made.

You can run more competent projects because Timely tracks the time it takes to finish tasks. You can also get an accurate overview of your workday and schedule.

You can also save time by not having to track your employees' performance anymore. Usually, mistakes can be made when one manually accounts for billing hours. However, Timely tracks time taken for performance using AI and automation-based tools.

It also tracks billable hours for clients so that there is complete transparency and accurate improvement rates can be projected. This time tracking feature also prevents any loss of revenue due to human underestimation of billable hours.

Timely is an app available on Insiderapps.com

8. Omnisend

omnisendOmnisend is the perfect platform for e-commerce businesses looking to increase their sales by automating processes. You get integrations for tools like emails, SMS, and web notifications.

Not only can you run your email and SMS marketing campaign efficiently, but you can also send newsletters and create sign-up applications for new subscribers. By combining both email and SMS, companies using Omnisend have seen 47.7% higher conversion rates.

Make use of pre-made templates to automate customer interaction via emails and SMS. The templates are customizable and can be personalized to suit your client's needs.

Experience the benefit of automatic sales using pre-built mechanisms like cart recovery and post-purchase response and drive revenue. Marketing has also become more manageable with Omnisend. You can segment and target the right consumers for your marketing campaign for a wholesome customer lifecycle.

Omnisend is an app available on Insiderapps.com

9. Creatio

creatioCreatio is a low-code platform used to build applications and automate workflow. Without using any codes, you can create customizable applications in no time. Modify designs, workflows, page layout, etc.

Integrate visual elements in your application and create beautiful UI designs using pre-made layouts, templates, and widgets. Manage your work and automate repetitive processes to create efficient workflows.

Some salient features of Creatio are-

  • You can integrate other apps like Google and Microsoft, among others, in a matter of minutes.
  • Give your clients a mobile experience by creating apps for mobiles as well. Make use of available templates.
  • As your organization scales, Creatio will be right with you. Manage growing employees and clients without worrying about data security.
  • Use AI-powered features to create code-free workflows that work in any situation.

Creatio is an app available on Insiderapps.com

10. Quixy

quixyQuixy provides endless possibilities across a multitude of departments and industries. You can automate your customer tickets to improve support and manage customer relationships. You can also manage supply chains, projects, and credit collections.
Quixy provides three different solutions-

  • Application development: Use Quixy's no-code feature to develop custom digital solutions seamlessly for your business.
  • Workflow Management: Plan, manage, automate, and monitor your workflows to simplify procedures and improve the efficiency of your business.
  • Create a digital workplace: Manage your entire organization from one platform. Streamline collaboration, communications, and procedures.

Moreover, you can keep track of legal cases, your assets, and your employees' activities and performance.

Quixy is an app available on Insiderapps.com


We have completed our list of 10 best automated workflow softwares. They can make your business processes more straightforward and efficient so that you can focus on what matters most- achieving results and scaling your business.

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