10 Best B2C CRMs for eCommerce Companies

Ecommerce CRM gathers customer, sales, and market information in one location to assist shops in enhancing the experience of current consumers and luring in new ones. Itransition offers comprehensive e-commerce CRM services so that online firms can take advantage of all the advantages that a customized CRM offers.10 best CRMs are discussed below.


An excellent illustration of a comprehensive CRM solution which considers and addresses the demands of SMBs. Apptivo CRM is a fantastic Editors' Choice option thanks to its robust functionality, reasonable cost, and user-friendly layout.


  • The extended version includes a variety of customizability choices.
  • Excellent mobile apps, detailed security settings, and round-the-clock assistance.


  • Performance sometimes seems slow.
  • Could benefit from broader APIs.

The Premium version of Apptivo, which itself is priced annually that starts at $8 for each user each month, is a cost-effective and adaptable customer relationship management (CRM) system. This is a fantastic choice for businesses looking for a customisable service with numerous strategic interfaces and top-notch compatibility for mobile devices. Even though it is less well-known than Editors' Pick winners Zoho CRM and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Lightning Professional, it shines out as a robust platform that is well suited for small to midsize enterprises (SMB) due to its affordability and user-friendliness.

Pricing for Apptivo

There are three pricing tiers offered by Apptivo CRM: Basic, Premium, and Supreme. We evaluated the Premium plan, which also includes company marketing, IMAP email, updates, text frameworks, 3 GB (Gigabytes) of memory for every user, license and insurance handling, billing, third-party implementations, and many more ($10 per user each month, invoiced monthly, or $8 for every person/month, that was billed annually).
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BigCommerce is a top e-commerce platform that offers highly flexible extensibility for online companies. It merges these elements with excellent multi-channel connectivity and SEO to have much more built-in marketing options than most of its rivals. It's meant to assist in catapulting huge and fast-growing enterprises into the big leagues!


  • Any package has no software costs or commission (unlike Shopify).
  • Excellent built-in, user-focused (free) features prevent costs from rising too quickly.
  • Efficient integration of multiple channels. BigCommerce is a logical progression unless you already trade on forums or social networks.
  • For natural growth, excellent SEO support.


  • Not as simple to set up; several components proved challenging to find and comprehend for our consumers. Despite the lack of a "quick eCommerce fix," it is possible with dedication and perseverance.
  • Revenue-led invoicing could be detrimental to companies with shallow margins.

BigCommerce excels at

Extremely ambitious online retailers. The leading plans of BigCommerce, which initiate at just $29.95, can support companies like Ben and Jerry's, Toyota, as well as Kodak. BigCommerce is incredibly scalable.
Stores sell via your store and other channels (such as Instagram, Etsy, or eBay). BigCommerce is an obvious pick if you currently have a website to promote on other marketplaces.
Reputable online retailers that have exceeded their present platform. You won't exceed BigCommerce, but it also provides a variety of useful tools as well as migrating tutorials.

Administrative fees for payments

The charges will decrease the further you use BigCommerce as well as an upgrade into its rate packages; in fact, charges can fall from 2.9% together all right down to 2.2%, or occasionally even lower:

  • 2.9% + 30c for BigCommerce's Standard plan
  • 2.5% + 30c for BigCommerce Plus
  • 2.2% + 30c for BigCommerce Pro
  • >2.2% + 30c for BigCommerce Enterprise (negotiable)

BIGCOMMERCE is an app available on Insiderapps.com


StoreHippo is a cutting-edge mobile commerce system that gives retailers complete turn key capabilities for selling their goods and services available on the internet.

Attributes of StoreHippo

  • Customer Service
  • Marketing via email and SMS
  • Inventory Control
  • Various Currencies
  • Integration with Payment Processor
  • Product Catalog
  • Cybersecurity
  • Vendor Administration
  • Customization of Store
  • Network for Content Distribution
  • System for Managing Content
  • DIY Supply
  • Using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Handling of Orders
  • Coupons and Discounts
  • Google Play Store
  • Unique Domain
  • Catalog Administration
  • Merchandise Upload in Bulk
  • Hosting


₹2999 per user per month.
STOREHIPPO is an app available on Insiderapps.com

4. QUICK eselling

With its adaptable eCommerce website, Quick eselling connects producers, distributors, and retailers to their consumers, saving them cash and time and boosting sales. Through Quick eSelling's web store creator, you may launch your online marketplace for free. The only available e-commerce system allows fallowatured website and smartphone app creation.

Ideal For

Solely an eCommerce shop developer that offers financial websites, as well as smartphone app installation with most of the essential features, seems to be Quick selling. It includes free web hosting, a free domain, and numerous more advantages.

Yelling Quick Highlights

  • CRM
  • Data Protection
  • Email Promotion
  • Inventory Control
  • Kitting
  • Access through mobile
  • Marketing via Multiple Channels
  • Promotions Administration
  • Evaluations Management
  • Management of SEO
  • Templates


The Quick selling e-commerce program is free, and no payments are necessary.

QUICK eselling is an app available on Insiderapps.com


Global Canadian e-commerce business, with its main office in Ottawa, Ontario, is Shopify Inc. Its e-commerce framework for internet storefronts and commercial point-of-sale solutions is Shopify. Ecommerce websites can access a variety of services via the Shopify store, including facilities for transactions, marketing, transportation, plus customer interaction.


  • Fantastic responsive and customisable themes:
  • No design expertise is required. Your website's structure, content, and visual style are entirely in your total control.
  • Pricing starts at $1,499 per month
    Shopify prepares you for shopping online, on social networks, in person, or from the back of a car. From everywhere, begin selling for just $1,499 each month.
  • Accepted by the majority of companies globally
  • Shopify manages everything, including delivery, secure registration, and transactions.

The following list of the top 6 CRM software systems for Shopify includes examples of every platform's most acceptable uses

  • Mailchimp

The finest Shopify CRM overall and the most excellent option for businesses that rely on online marketing

  • Zendesk Sell

An excellent option for groups looking for a CRM featuring omnichannel customer support tools

  • Zoho CRM

The best choice for companies looking for content management systems.

  • HubSpot CRM

For teams looking to create unique product development workflows, the best is Shopify CRM.

  • Agile CRM

This CRM best suits Shopify companies that require more powerful automated marketing processes.

  • Metrilo CRM

Excellent CRM for Shopify vendors seeking easy access to the online statistics.

SHOPIFY is an app available on Insiderapps.com


A corporate eCommerce platform called X-Cart is the basis for distinctive, highly effective online storefronts in 111 different nations. The global team of professionals provides in-house learning and round-the-clock support.

Since its launch in 2001, X-Cart has developed into more than just an eCommerce site, developing a whole environment where you can discover everything you need to start a commercial eCommerce company, including professional assistance.

The whole suite of X-Cart services also encompasses turnkey platform transition, dedicated servers, website design, catalog administration, custom interfaces, analytics, and other services.

Principles & Ethics
The Top Four Values for Us Are:

  • People

Great people should be recruited, supported, and developed, according to them. They'll constantly make an effort to learn anything fresh.

  • Client Success

Their business exists solely to assist clients in increasing sales and maximizing profits.

  • Innovation

They embrace market developments and client needs while utilizing the latest technology to produce ground-breaking products.

  • Community

They are committed to offering their services and skills to benefit their neighborhood.

X-Cart Costs

  • Platform: Monthly rates begin at $199.
  • Automotive: Monthly rates begin at $299.00.
  • Market: Monthly rates begin at $399.00.

X-CART is an app available on Insiderapps.com


A cloud-based advertising & distribution solution called Keap (previously Infusionsoft) combines e-commerce, sales force automation, and customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. Keap supports small businesses by streamlining sales and managing client experiences.

Customers can execute campaigns with personalized communications triggering depending on messages opened, clicked, and other factors, segment contacts, measure client relationships, write emails, plus segment contact details. Users can build online purchases, monitor performance on digital storefronts, and submit quotes, billing, and cash payments. They can also maintain e-commerce, from managing inventory to payouts and order fulfillment.

Users can analyze variables like messages, campaign effectiveness, and ROI data with the system's management and analytics capabilities. Keap may be accessed remotely on ios or Android smartphones. Interoperability with QuickBooks, Outlook, SalesForce and Gmail is available.

What is Keap's price?

There are three pricing options for Keap:

  • Lite: $79 per month
  • Pro: $159 per month
  • Max: $159 each month

How simple is it to deploy while using Keap?

Keap offers a variety of deployment methods, such as cloud-based, SaaS, web-based, and mobile (iPhone, iPad, or Android).

What characteristics does Keep provide?

The top Keap features, according to user reviews, are:

  • Campaign Direction
  • Using social media
  • Email Promotion
  • Automation of Marketing
  • Management of Email
  • Database of Clients
  • Contact Administration
  • CRM
  • List Maintenance
  • Multi-Campaign
  • Compliance with CAN-SPAM
  • Management of Clients
  • Event-Related Behavior
  • Template Administration

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No, regardless of their level of technical expertise, creatives can use Squarespace's webpage builder to create their websites and display their content. The most recent version of Squarespace, 7.1, enables site-wide layout updates simpler than before.

One of several best-looking generators is Squarespace, which offers 113 unique architectural, mobile-optimized webpage layouts with plans starting at $16/month. Squarespace ranks second among all the builders, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.


  • Beautiful templates designed for PCs, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Effective marketing capabilities, including compatibility with online platforms, are ideal for business expansion.
  • The most effective customer service of all of the developers evaluated.


  • Gives limited customizability because you can only make changes to the pre-set elements of your theme.
  • The designer could be a little overly manual; for instance, after each modification, you'll be asked to save the output; it does not, however, automatically save.

SQUARESPACE is an app available on Insiderapps.com


Due to its large free version, Weebly is a beautiful choice if you want to make a site without spending any money. But it's less customisable and has fewer features than many other platforms, making it less suitable for long-term development. It's helpful for newbies because it offers step-by-step instructions, especially for SEO.


  • Free strategy:

For novices to get internet without needing to invest money, Weebly is the ideal platform for creating a free website.

  • Reasonable price:

Weebly excelled in the low-price category thanks to its reasonably priced premium plans that provide more than its competing rivals.

  • Beneficial SEO guidelines for assistance regarding coding, keyword research, and pointers for improving your site's rating may be found in Weebly's aid and support centre.


  • Personalisation by drag and drop is constrained:

Weebly's absence of creative flexibility and the editor's severe restrictions may frustrate you.

  • Outdated aesthetics:

It's challenging to create a website that truly stands out because its designs aren't as cutting-edge and sophisticated as those of its rivals.

  • Inadequate mobile development:

Weebly's cellular formatting is inadequate, so your page frequently won't appear like it should on a tiny screen.

WEEBLY is an app available on Insiderapps.com


Specifically for the sale of digital goods, including music, pictures, images, books, and films in digital formats, Sellfy is indeed an e-commerce website. It works best for companies that sell digital products and needs a complete web store platform that is straightforward to set up and administer. It might not be the most cost-effective solution for business entrepreneurs because companies that use Sellfy additionally have to be prepared to commit dedicated monthly dollars only for subscription fees and the necessary credit card processing.


  • The three plan types offered by Sellfy are Starter, Business, plus Premium.
  • If you choose an annual membership, the Starter package costs $19 per month instead of the regular $29 monthly fee.
  • But from the other side, the Business plan has a monthly fee of $59 or an average payment of $39 for the package.
  • The Premium plan has a monthly cost of $129 or an overall budget of $89 per month.

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