10 Cannabis ERP Software for New Businesses

Among the top 10 sectors around the world with the quickest growth is the cannabis sector.

Arcview Market Research and its analysis partner BDS Analytics predict that global spending for legal cannabis will reach $57 billion by 2027 during the following ten years.

Cannabis ERP technology can assist in upholding compliance, managing the complexity of one-of-a-kind operations, streamlining procedures, and managing every facet of a company with a single system.

It is essential to put in place a cannabis ERP which might promote success to keep ahead of the expanding competition, maximize productivity, and enforce consistency. Partnering with the leading cannabis software for business management is the most excellent approach to ensure the longevity of your enterprise.


Cannabis ERP, also cannabis enterprise resources planning, is a contraction. ERP systems were first employed to centralize industrial operations, but they have now expanded to include back office operations.

Large-scale cannabis businesses that want to enhance communication across departments may want to consider a cannabis ERP. Through automating processes and enhancing departmental collaboration, cannabis Erp solutions can contribute to time and cost savings. An effective ERP system for the cannabis industry will also offer insights that help users make wiser strategic decisions.

Below are some of the best cannabis ERP software suppliers to aid in your quest:


A cannabis industry-specific, all-in-one, modular-based ERP solution is called 365 Cannabis. With the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Organization, which powers 365 Cannabis, canna-businesses can manufacture, transport, and monitor cannabis plus non-cannabis items more quickly than ever before.

Each operation type and quantity, from cultivators to merchants, beginners to multimillion-dollar businesses, may be easily accommodated by 365 Cannabis' technology. None of the operation's kind, scale, or region, 365 Cannabis makes sure that every cannabis company has the necessary tools for long-term success.

An entire seed-to-sale platform that could handle every aspect of your company is called 365 Cannabis. Based upon that Microsoft Dynamics system, the system can function as a complete cannabis Erp system to satisfy your requirements in:

  • Agriculture
  • Processing
  • Revenue
  • Economics
  • Safety
  • Compliance

Stands to Benefit

  • Complete integration.
  • Integrated purchasing, sales, and accounting.
  • Obtain client information.
  • Utilize desktop, laptop, and portable devices for access.
  • Monitoring physical stock.
  • Make use of space between grow facilities.
  • Complete tracing from seed till sale.
  • Quality control.


You can become highly integrated with 365 Cannabis or operate on a single component level. 365 Cannabis can assist you in improving the management of your business, whether you run a drugstore, a growing business or a hybrid of the two.


  • Ledger fundamental.
  • Money Book.
  • Consolidation.
  • Credit Management.
  • Movable property.
  • Company to company transaction.
  • Liquidity.
  • Analysis in several dimensions.
  • Order Ledger.
  • Ledger for sales.


  • Specific identification of plants.
  • Tracking for a greenhouse or grow operation.
  • Production Plans by Species or Strain.
  • Demand-based forecasting.
  • Mobile.

Extraction and Production

  • Agile production.
  • Capacity preparation.
  • Excellent reporting.
  • Forecasting the demand.
  • Recipes plus routes.
  • Quality Control.
  • Laboratory examinations.
  • Checklists.

Brand building

  • Campaign Administration.
  • Contact Control.
  • Management and creation of documents.
  • Integration of email.
  • Cellular sales.
  • Possibility Management.
  • Management of sales orders and processes.
  • Management of interactions and tasks.


  • Alert Control.
  • Catalogs.
  • Management of consignments.
  • Pricing and discount control.
  • PO Financial Control.
  • Management of requisitions to invoices.
  • Discount for the past.
  • Order Management for Returns.
  • Vendor administration.

eCommerce and dispensaries

  • Create shipments, bills, and orders.
  • Complete analytics and reporting.
  • Campaign Administration.
  • Contact Administration (CRM).
  • Management and creation of documents
  • Integration of email.
  • Cellular sales.
  • Possibility Management
  • Management of sales orders and processes.
  • Management of interactions and tasks.

Resource Management

  • Resource Administration.
  • Capacity Control.
  • Pricing and Budget Control.
  • Employment Lifecycle Management.
  • Timekeeping and Cost Keeping track of costs and work breakdown.
  • Budgeting.

Personnel Resources

  • Management of absences and holidays.
  • Assessment Management.
  • Processing of benefits.
  • Records of training, achievement, and competencies.
  • Processes for discipline.
  • Employee audits.
  • Records management for employees.
  • Management of Organization, Posts, and Contracts.
  • Planning for succession.


From the said time a seedling is planted until a product is shipped to a consumer or purchased in person, Viridian Sciences facilitates the activities of cannabis businesses. It has a variety of capabilities to create an entire product lifecycle easier and is available via android platforms.

Among the offered capabilities are stock control, prediction, point-of-sale, transport, plus financial and governmental compliance. It is designed to support cannabis enterprises with front- and back-office tools that improve productivity and increase sales.

Advantages and Perspectives

Viridian Sciences: Why Use Them?

Significant Viridian Sciences advantages and differentiators include

  • Operations that are centrally managed

Viridian Sciences centralizes several activities, including inventory, customer engagement, transportation, and logistics management.

  • Accessibility

Access to the system is possible from computers, smartphones, and even screens. Anywhere there is a net connection, you can access it.

  • Integration

Crystal Reports and Viridian Sciences have integrated to offer more robust reporting possibilities. Additionally, it communicates with SQL as well as Excel servers.

  • Inventory management

The programme allows users control over various production components and keeps track of the amount of required energy, water, air, etc. The typical product management, batching, and individual serialized identifiers are also supported.

  • Compliance

Financial guidelines like IFRS and GAAP are observed by Viridian Sciences. Additionally, it conforms with regulatory obligations specific to the cannabis sector.

Key characteristics

  • Accounting
    The accounting department complies with GAAP.
  • Complete Reporting Processor
    SQL server help is provided, and all types may be converted into Excel.
  • Management of Items
    This improves flexibility and allows you to monitor the most critical system data.


Cannabis growers, producers, and wholesalers can use Canix as an ERP platform from seed to sale. Canix offers a collection of solutions enabling cannabis businesses to function productively while remaining in compliance with regulatory authorities, servicing both major commercial businesses as well as sole proprietorships. Today's business owners have various needs, from complete COGS monitoring and financial information to hand-held RFID scanning equipment and Bluetooth scales connection. With Canix, you have full authority over the stock and production information for your business. Additionally, Canix provides reporting automation for Metrc and other compliance requirements businesses.

  • Ethics and Principles
    Their goal is to use cutting-edge, essential technology to enable workers in the cannabis sector to experience more satisfying professional lives.
  • Product Priority
    They think success comes from paying attention to consumers' requirements and addressing them.
  • It is Greater than others
    They advocate for and encourage a free, egalitarian, and stigma-free society where everyone has cannabis access.
  • They're never finally complete, never petrified
    They compete with themselves. Thus, being #1 is insufficient. They resist giving in to difficulties.


From $499.00 a Month Upwards.

Canix is an app available on Insiderapps.com


Specialists in food and agriculture from NexTec have teamed up with top figures in the cannabis sector to create a cannabis Erp solution that manages your cannabis enterprise the way a business should. Their technology covers all aspects of your cannabis business operations and handles seed-to-sale activity tracking.

CannaBusiness ERP is indeed a rich collection of add-ons which enables additional improvements to the Sage Enterprise Cloud solution, such as administration of growing operations as well as efficiency, production planning, product prediction, and quality assurance.

The Benefits of NexTec Group

  • Their experts have, in aggregate, 25 years of combined consulting plus industry expertise.
  • They embrace teamwork, are committed to producing excellent work, and are aware of the particular issues faced by their customers and software.
  • Since the product launch, they have employed the largest and most skilled Sage X3 staff in the market.
  • Since 2015, their extensive Acumatica team has been trying to implement Cloud solutions across the country. It is among the greatest in North America.
  • Since the 1990s, they have worked with Dynamics SL and Dynamics GP as a Microsoft Gold Accredited partner.
  • They give customers lucid information so they can make wise purchasing selections.
  • They work closely with their clients to ensure that the technology is reliable, used well, and yields excellent results.
  • They provide their services in an approachable, enjoyable, and team-oriented manner.


Relying on 40 years of industry experience, SYSPRO's dependable enterprise system solution offers Cannabis Manufacturers and Distributors capabilities tailored to their needs. SYSPRO is equipped to scale to satisfy the requirements of your expanding firm and cater to your specific business needs.

Customisable cannabis ERP software from SYSPRO is built on high-performing innovation and is simple to use and add new functions. The SYSPRO technology is designed to satisfy the demands of your expanding organization. Cannabis solution from SYSPRO optimizes the seed-to-sale monitoring procedures with transparency of everything occurring throughout both customer and supplier chains, regardless of whether you specialize in dried products, derivatives, tinctures, elixirs, foods, topicals, or wrappings.


BLAZE is a cannabis ERP that gives users of the seed-to-sale distribution chain the most excellent tools available. For cannabis growers, wholesalers, retailers, and courier services, the software package offers a reliable solution. With an intuitive interface and an enterprise infrastructure that streamlines processes and enables inventory control straightforwardly, BLAZE simplifies technology.

Cannabis firms may increase productivity and profits while improving consumer and employee experiences. The programme interacts smoothly with more than 40 technology companies in the cannabis business and automates monitoring to ensure that it conforms with state and municipal legislation.

Blaze Costing

BLAZE has a monthly starting price of $500. Per area, each month is the pricing structure. A risk-free trial is offered. There is no freely available option.

Review of the Product

  • Created by: Blaze Solutions.
  • Category: Cannabis ERP software.
  • Client OS: Web, iOS, plus Android.
  • Setup: Cloud or on-premises.

Blaze is an app available on Insiderapps.com


Multiple platforms plus worksheets are unnecessary, thanks to Quantum Leaf's all-in-one cannabis Erp system. As your business expands and flourishes, you can control your complete growth operations from one location at any time, saving you both money and time.

The Quantum Leaf technology is ideal for cannabis companies that want to attain their full potential over a long period while consistently adhering to regulatory requirements in various jurisdictions.

Growers are supposed to utilize the programme to:

  • Controlling financial information.
  • Track your spending.
  • Approving procedures.
  • Observe the workflows.

Main Features

  • Seed-to-Sale
    Keep track of your ancestry, harvest seasons, agriculture management, harvesting, and other things.
  • Labor administration
    Make sure that each of your growth facilities' demands is addressed.
  • Traceability
    Make sure that your functionality is occurring when it should.
  • Compliance
    RFID tracking capability and barcode scanners.
  • Trends in future inventory
    To have a better understanding, monitor demand and predict sales.


Backbone is a framework for managing the supply chain which controls the entire lifetime of cannabis, from growing it to selling it. To track cannabis for production and production lines, Backbone was established in 2018. People believe that Canix's Backbone seed-to-sale plus cannabis ERP system is on the level higher.


  • One of the more effective New Gen solutions based on Metrc.
  • Simple compliance monitoring with a robust chain of responsibility module.


  • Lacks agricultural elements and is mainly constructed for production and distribution.
  • Moreover, a young business.
  • We have a little bad to say about them because they are kind people.


Distru specializes in product marketing, advertising, and conformity and was created especially for production and distribution. The business was established in 2016 to enhance market transparency.


  • Laid out and simple to use.
  • Well-constructed reporting.


  • Primarily for distributors as well as manufacturers, with little emphasis on cultivation.
  • A small number of integrations.


Cannabis brands may obtain information and insights through BrandTreez to maximize possibilities and make informed choices. By contributing your items to the only industry-wide Universal Catalog, you can quickly and easily get each of your Firm and its products in the hands of every Treez merchant.

Attributes of BrandTreez

  • Library management
    Maintain complete control over the text, pictures, and other aspects of any item you promote and produce.
  • Operational management
    Learn how your business is doing at the stock level in real-time across all your retail locations.
  • Market Inspiration
    Get a precise stock count while expanding your company's insights and understanding of your target audience.
  • Marketing & Sales
    Make it simple for all Treez Retailers to find your company and your items, and create new incentives to promote your wholesale earnings.


The use of a cannabis ERP may enhance departmental collaboration and corporate productivity. The implementation of such a technology can be a significant undertaking. Thus, all parties must carefully evaluate and debate the project. If you don't give the staff a lot of assistance and training, the organization won't adopt the change. You may grow your company by putting the ideal structure in place.

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