11 Top Web Analytics Tools for e-commerce

The process of collecting data for your online marketplace to make statistics decisions and boost online sales is known as eCommerce analytics. Commercial enterprises can use this information to comprehend better changes in customer behaviour, price, and market goods.

eCommerce analytics tools offer data for all phases of the buyer's path. They can assist in the discovery of data on customer acquisition, user acceptance, cart abandonment, and other topics.

When you own an enterprise, you must wear many hats. You must not only manage stock, sales, and client service, but you must also make critical decisions about how to expand your business.

What is the easiest method to gather all the information you require to grow your marketing? The solution is to use eCommerce analytics tools. These tools lend a hand in helping you visualize all of your data in a single place, allowing you to make the best strategic decisions.

What to do with your analytics data?

There are a number of useful things you can do with your analytics data.

Increase your Conversion Rate

Most relevantly, data assists you in increasing your user engagement. You'll gain insights into how users communicate with your official site by analyzing your key performance indicators. You'll also learn where your sales are coming from and what their price point is.

Improve your Audience Segmentation

Following that, you can start to segment your viewers and send people more personalized offers. You can create segments based on individual characteristics, browsing habits or preferences, and operation on your webpage.

To Improve the User Experience

Analytics data will provide the information needed to create an enhanced experience for your site's visitors. You can, for instance, use data to show different content on the website to each visitor.

Now, let's have a look at the top Web Analytics Tools for e-commerce:

1. Adverity

Adverity is a market analytical tool that assists marketing teams and marketing agencies in automating their information for a specific period. It is intended to make generating data visualizations and analysis easier for marketing professionals while saving them significant time and effort.

In a nutshell, Adverity is an end-to-end platform that you should check out if you're interested in advertising data analysis and technology. It will transform chaotic data from various platforms into a neat, organized dashboard of essential indicators.

Using market intelligence facilities will always be determined by your objectives and budget. As a result, when evaluating the businesses that use Adverity, we must mention that they range in size and spending plan.

Adverity can be used by a sole freelancer, a marketing team in a mid-sized firm, or a boss in one of the largest companies.

The primary mechanism of Adverity is equivalent to that of other commercial analytics tools. It is intended to collect data from multiple SEO, social networks, and web page analytics tools and consolidate it into a single implementable and insightful dashboard.

Adverity is an app available on Insiderapps.com

2. HotJar

Hotjar enables you to see how customers interact with your website. It allows independent heatmaps of their clicks and activities, audio of their sessions, and word-of-mouth from research studies and response polls to help you establish a robust and data-backed knowledge of how and why individuals are using your platform.

Hotjar adds to the information and analytics provided by traditional goods or services and web analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Mixpanel. It's an industry-leading, user-friendly service that blends quality management insights, user activity recognition, and client feedback to assist you in establishing links with what is happening on your webpage and why.

Hotjar is an app available on Insiderapps.com

3. Webanalytics.ai

Web-Analytics.ai is a free online analytics service that provides full session replays to help you understand how users interact with your website.Web-Analytics.ai services enable internet companies to collect analytics in ways never before possible.

With Data-Analytics, Session replays, and heatmaps, you can observe how users engage with your official site and gain unique insights. This data will assist you in determining how to enhance your site's design, structure, and interconnection, as well as increase conversion rates with a simple UI/UX.

Here are some features

Visitor Profiles - View every action a visitor makes from the beginning to the finish of their session.

Users Tracking - Monitor the sessions of every user based to analyze their behaviour.

Create Goals - Determine which section is causing users to leave. Set goals and keep track of them.

Real-time Stats - See who is visiting your website in real-time.

Heatmaps - Visualize where consumers click, move, and navigate the most.

You can avoid ad-blockers by using a custom web address.

Webanalytics.ai is an app available on Insiderapps.com

4. Cumul.io

Cumul.io is a dashboard creation tool that concentrates on SaaS, data visualization, and analytics. Advertising, logistic support, human resources, activities, property investment and building, retail and e-commerce, medical services, and skills training are some solutions they offer to the SaaS industry.

Among the functionalities are integrating customer-facing monitoring systems, information tools via API, and white-label analysis tools for clients.

Cumul.io is an app available on Insiderapps.com

5. SatisMeter

SatisMeter is a robust user feedback tool that assists you in tracking client satisfaction, monitoring the performance of the product, and answering all of the questionnaires that stand in the way of business expansion.

Some of the features are:

You can use various survey layouts (NPS, CSAT, CES) to measure fulfilment across multiple touchpoints in the customer experience. Create customized micro survey data to adjust pricing, assess product suitability, and more.

You can conduct a survey, try setting up an event trigger or aim the audience according to their characteristics with ease. Then, establish a repeated schedule and go over your input.

You can send surveys almost anywhere. And with various connections, you can accomplish anything with your feedback.

You can save time by implementing one-click Segment assimilation, downloading files and premade HTML templates, and trying to run surveys that can instantly swap to a customer's language.

SatisMeter is an app available on Insiderapps.com

6. PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic is heavily focused on the layout. Unlike many of these social media administration portals, you can design beautiful posts without leaving the app or opening any additional software package.

Indeed, PromoRepublic has a similar look and feel to Canva, but it is housed within a social media management app that allows you to schedule and share your designs.

It serves companies of all sizes, from small to very large, from agencies and freelance writers to franchise owners and multi-locational brand names. It allows users to manage and share posts across all major social networks, including such graphic apps as Instagram and Pinterest.

You can create a publishing schedule for various types of posts. PromoRepublic suggests a content calendar for each social networking site, but you can find a way to suit your needs. Each social profile can have its own country and time zone, which is especially useful for agencies and freelance writers who manage social accounts on duty on the part of others.

PromoRepublic is an app available on Insiderapps.com

7. Combin

Small to medium-sized companies and marketing firms can use this quick social media marketing fix to prepare and schedule Instagram photos and ads in bulk. Combin enables digital marketers to find and start engaging with their target audience to increase visibility across the forum.

Managers can also track account information that doesn't follow back, supervise the audience's actions, and find marketers to streamline marketing operations through a central platform.

You can use this software to plan Instagram posts on up to 15 multiple accounts without cost. You read it well and for nothing. Unlike other tools that require you to log in to accept the planned post, this system automates everything. Set it and forget it. It also allows you to set up reposts; enter the url, time of day, and a brief explanation, and you're done.

Combin is an app available on Insiderapps.com

8. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a widely used data software solution for eCommerce. It provides a wealth of actionable information for free, making it an excellent place to start for every eCommerce platform.

It also has a function named Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce, which provides advanced analytics to eCommerce company owners. This allows an advertising agency to easily monitor traffic at each marketing funnel stage.

Google Analytics is utilized to monitor website performance and gather visitor data. It can assist organizations in determining top supplies of user traffic, evaluating the effectiveness of their marketing actions and campaigns, and tracking goal completions (such as items purchased and adding goods to carts). It can also help identify patterns and trends in consumer engagement and obtain other visitor data, such as demographics.

Small and medium-sized shopping websites frequently use Google Analytics to acquire and analyze consumer behaviour analytics that can enhance marketing strategies, drive website traffic, and make users visitors.

9. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics seems more advanced than Google Analytics and is ideal for eCommerce marketing companies needing a wide range of metrics. Learn about the average revenue per person, user conversion rate, and cart-to-purchase exchange rate.

You can recognize the differences in customer behaviour while determining which distribution channels perform best.

Using Kissmetrics information, you can optimize your email marketing, A/B test your business strategies, and reduce website bounce rates by creating pop-up packages and notices.

You can quickly improve your eCommerce methodologies because this analysis reveals valuable insights through each customer journey stage.

10. Optimizely

Want to create a more personalized shopping experience? The features of Optimizely are an excellent place to start. To start creating a more authentic buying experience, this digital commerce analytics tool concentrates on A/B testing and optimization.

Optimizely's Web Experimentation tool provides a no-code editor that assists you in setting up A/B tests to strengthen the content of your website.

Optimizely's Full Stack tool allows you to introduce brand-new functionalities more quickly. Collect customer information to determine which differences are going to perform the best. Research project with bots and checkout flows to lower your cart abandonment rate.

11. Super metrics

Supermetrics is a stripped-down version of Glew that allows you to support all our eCommerce information and showcase it in customized reports. The tool collects data from social media advertisements, Shopify, online markets, email toolkits, or even SEO tools.

You can then determine which marketing efforts are generating revenue for you. You can configure your information to refresh instantly and plan emails to send user reports regularly.
Supermetrics is useful digital commerce technology for your continuing marketing campaigns if you want to invest additional time optimizing your promotional materials.


eCommerce analytics tools can assist you in answering questions about your entire business, from customer service to continuing advertising campaigns.

Create a growth strategy for your company using the information from the eCommerce advanced analytics discussed above. Create goals depending on the evidence you gather and evaluate your metrics regularly to see if you meet your company's growth objectives.

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