19 Alternatives To Google Analytics For Websites

When we talk about website tracking and data collection, the first thing that comes to mind is Google Analytics. This tool is trusted and used by half a billion people on earth. Google Analytics is one of the easiest and fastest ways to inform a website's marketing tactics. However, this standard tool has some setbacks that users would love to eliminate.
For instance, standard site metrics are automatically tracked by Google Analytics. However, actions like downloading files or clicking through to external links are not. You must create a tag through Google Tag Manager and include the code in your web pages to track extra metrics. Moreover, nearly everyone may use the free version of Google Analytics, however, upgrading to the premium version comes at a hefty cost of $150,000 if your online traffic is substantial.
For some of these reasons, people want to find alternatives to Google Analytics. Hence, the article presents some of the best alternatives for  Google Analytics.

1. Hotjar

Hotjar bills itself as an "all-in-one analytics and feedback" tool that seeks to make it easier for you to comprehend what your website users are doing there. The main selling point of Hotjar is how it unifies several crucial analytics tools with user feedback tools into a single platform. Before Hotjar, obtaining this mix of functionalities required using many software platforms, each of which added to the expense and complexity of your CRO toolbox. Hotjar packs a tonne of analytics, CRO, and user feedback features onto a single, affordably priced platform. As of now, Hotjar doesn't provide a subscription plan to its users. However, one can easily get a free trial.

Hotjar is an app available on Insiderapps.com

2. GoSquared

GoSquared does real-time tracking of website visits and campaign data points. It can display visitors' traffic sources and the pages they are now browsing. This makes it simpler to divide your audience into segments and interact with customers during the entire buying process. With live chat, team inboxes, and integrated CRM, the platform also facilitates most of the sales process. GoSquared has plans starting from $79 per month.

GoSquared is an app available on Insiderapps.com

3. Cumul.io

For SaaS industries, startups, and large corporations, Cumul.io serves as an analytical "building brick." This data visualization tool makes creating and integrating interactive corporate dashboards simple, quick, and safe.
The dashboard editor allows you to create dashboards as a business user with simple drag-and-drop operations. For internal reporting, the dashboards can be incorporated into any online setting, either a secured application or a public website. Since the connection is compatible with all current technologies, it is simpler for developers to incorporate the dashboards into their existing technology stack.

Cumul.io is an app available on Insiderapps.com

4. AnyTrack

AnyTrack is a conversion tracking tool that collects all of your website's conversion data, including organic, paid, and direct conversions. It sends it to the marketing and analytics tool you use. Each of these simply requires one line of code.
Instead of manually putting tracking tags all across your website, this makes the procedure much easier. AnyTrack will provide you with a tracking code when you create an account that you may paste in the website's head; section. Google Tag Manager is another way to add it. This tracking code only performs one simple task. AnyTrack automatically logs users' interaction with your website each time they visit it.

AnyTrack is an app available on Insiderapps.com

5. Matomo

Matomo claims itself as a web analytics tool that values privacy and is created to take the place of GA. As a result, it has quantitative analytics features comparable to those of GA and Clicky. Additionally, Matomo offers a self-hosted free version that is more challenging to set up and maintain but allows you complete control over your data. The self-hosted, free version of Matomo is called MatomoOn-Premise and must be installed and maintained on your server. Additionally, there is only one subscription plan ($19/month), which is supplied as a SaaS solution and has more extensive analytics features.

6. Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics, which has a strong analytics engine and a responsive support unit, can assist you in gathering and inferring data from a variety of platforms and channels, including emails, online apps, mobiles, web pages, and advertising. Additionally, thanks to the platform's customizable approach, you can choose the most important data rather than accepting generic reports. The four key areas of insights offered by Adobe are web analytics, marketing analytics, attribution, and predictive analytics. Adobe Analytics provides annual plans starting from $300,000 per year.

7. Mixpanel

An analytics tool called Mixpanel enables companies to examine user activity on websites and mobile applications in great detail. Mixpanel makes it simple to compare trends by grouping your users based on the actions they took or did not take on your website. With its retention report function, you can see which website visitors' demographics stick around and what keeps them interested. You may configure the dashboards and alerts for your team in real time, and you can receive notifications when metrics change. Mixpanel provides plans that start from $25 per month.

8. Clicky

Despite not being the most complete option on this list, Clicky undoubtedly deserves its position as a straightforward, entry-level analytics program. Clicky's user-friendly design makes all of its reports simple to understand and its key selling point. A quick peek at web page content readers, activities, bounce rate, uptime, Twitter and search metrics, and more are available on the homepage. Backlink analysis and smartphone compatibility are additional excellent features that are provided. However, Clicky might have speed difficulties and file export restrictions. Clicky has four premium choices in addition to a free option.

9. Clarity

Microsoft offers a free web analysis tool called Clarity. It enables companies and website owners to gain insightful knowledge on how actual users interact with their websites. There is a limit on the number of recordings and sessions with GA's free plan. In addition, Clarity allows you to record every session and use it for free.
You can segment data with Clarity's powerful customization and filtering controls. Google Analytics, in contrast, doesn't give you data segmentation. Clarity generates immediate heat maps so you can identify which parts of your page are most engaging and which ones could use some work.

10. Kissmetrics

You may view the consumer journey on your site with Kissmetrics. It even enables user identification, which greatly facilitates conversions. Additionally, it allows you to select the data that is most important to you. Google Analytics automatically selects the metrics you see by default. With its rival, you choose what matters to you and may access it using a lovely interface. Businesses who want to move beyond vanity metrics and have a more intimate understanding of their clientele should use Kissmetrics. Its silver plan starts from $299 per month.

11. Heap

While tracking website accession, paid channels, and straightforward conversion targets are all easily covered by Heap, it is more crucial to understand how people behave along the entire customer journey. A single javascript snippet placed on your website automatically collects information on every action visitors take, including the channels that direct them there, the actions that result in conversions, and the various ways that users interact with your product. Heap excels at monitoring user and consumer behavior. Heap's subscription starts from $3600 per year.

12. Chartbeat

For content creators and publishers looking to attract more readers and win their loyalty, Chartbeat provides sophisticated online analytics. You'll get the resources you need to keep producing high-quality content with dashboards, reporting, and optimization. To provide you with helpful information, Chartbeat even provides headline optimization, image testing, and integrations. You can stop guessing and start making educated judgments about your marketing strategy and techniques with the correct analytics tool (or an assortment of analytics tools), all for the sake of improving your business. Their subscription plan starts from $19 per month.

13. Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics is another option. The design, organization, and functionality are quite similar to those of Google. There is a built-in heat map feature. Website administrators can observe how users respond and behave when they click on the map based on the landing page's layout. Additionally, you may specify e-commerce objectives and obtain detailed information on how to use site conversion and user-defined outcomes. There are no limitations on the number of data sets or websites you can examine with Open Web Analytics, which is available for free.

14. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a hybrid technology that combines online analytics and sales data to deliver more thorough lead information. The product is unique because it enhances Google Analytics rather than serving as a replacement. You must first link LeadFeeder to the Google service before using it. The application stands out thanks to the integration of its sales functionality. It expressly reveals which companies are accessing your website, the pages they browse, their sources, and contact information.
Additionally, the solution connects with several CRM tools, allowing you to start using them immediately. Businesses in the B2B sector can benefit most from this knowledge if they want to strengthen the link between traffic and sales. Leadfeeder's subscription plans start from $79 per month.

15. FoxMetrics

Another analytics tool that performs exactly like Google Analytics is FoxMetrics, albeit being more capable. You set up a library on each of your pages and begin gathering information. To develop distinct client categories for conversion rate optimization, the platform uses the data obtained to assist you in creating customer profiles based on visitor behavior.
You might also check out their interesting "Digital Analytics Glossary" that they also provide. It provides a glossary of the terms you should be familiar with while using any analytics software. FoxMetrics' subscription plan starts from $199 per month and has a free plan.

16. Plausible

A small-scale website analytics application called Plausible Analytics was created for owners of private websites. Companies can leverage the platform's access to a range of useful statistics to enhance their end-user experience. Additionally, Plausible Analytics has an easy setup and is compatible with well-known programs like Ghost, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace. The built-in API of Plausible Analytics provides a simple way to retrieve company statistics programmatically and forward metrics and show them in many ways as needed. The technology even enables users to track traffic with weekly and/or monthly reports and receive instant alerts for any hacking activities. Plausible is extremely inexpensive, with a starting plan of $5 per month.

17. Smartlook

Compared to the other applications on our list, Smartlook is a unique Google Analytics substitute. It's because this software is more sophisticated and offers greater insights into behavior analytics tracking for both websites and mobile apps. It is a tool for tracking user behavior. Smartlook makes sure that all legal requirements are met and manages customer data in accordance with the user's and the applicable regulations' permissions. Additionally, it complies with PCI DSS and employs the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) method to encrypt data while it is in transit. For up to 1,500 sessions per month, Smartlook offers a free package with restricted capabilities. The entry-level paid plans start from $39 a month.

18. SEMrush

With the help of SEMRush, a comprehensive digital marketing research tool, you can pinpoint exactly how and where your competitors have achieved success for your brand. SEMRush can make you accomplish anything. Reverse engineering competitors' keywords are one of the most effective keyword strategies available out there. And with SEMrush, the approach is just simpler. The pro plan of SEMrush starts from $99 per month.

19. Hit Sniffer

A collection of strong, user-friendly tools called Hit Sniffer offers real-time information. It measures your website's success, from PPC to SEO, and is excellent for lead-generating statistics. It includes all the standard statistics you'd anticipate seeing, including visitor information, keyword data, referral information, social network tracking, reports on the entry/existing pages, browser information, and more. One of the top and most popular Google Analytics substitutes.

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