3 Best Productivity Tools for Freelancers

One of the most common problems encountered by freelancers is how to schedule and plan their time effectively, which can lead to tension and stress. With a traditional job, one generally has someone monitoring their progress, but as a freelancer, this often falls to you.

While the day may seem never to end, you mustn't let yourself become too exhausted to the point where you begin putting in less effort during your most crucial daily tasks. It's essential to be especially mindful of time because you have more competing responsibilities than when you were running your own business. Make sure that in your efforts to keep tabs on time-sensitive duties like responding and meeting with clients, contracting or delegating work to other freelancers or employees, and completing specific contract-specific projects on specified deadlines that you don't somehow find yourself squeezing a few too many tasks into a given day so as not to fall behind.

Too often, freelancers give up on their dream of working for themselves because they realize that trying to hold down a steady job while also meeting the demands of freelance work isn't possible. Plenty of day-to-day management tasks, client relations, and proposal writing responsibilities can make individuals feel stretched too thin, leaving them unable to get as much done as possible. Seemingly endless spreadsheets and applications can help you streamline your workload - especially if you know how to use them correctly!

1. Evernote

Millions of people trust Evernote to achieve more every day. Whether you are finishing a project at work or sharing your latest weekend adventure with family and friends, Evernote's cross-platform apps make it easy to capture anything that matters—from a checklist to a photo—and keep it searchable and accessible. Quickly find what you need anytime, anywhere—even offline. With Evernote for Windows, start accomplishing more today!


  • A better way to browse and create notes: New cards view lets you browse and preview cards in a much better way with its new design because they display card-like information: more metadata provides the notes context. When you open a card, you get more content than the old notes viewer, where only one message was shown at once! This may not be so important now, but wait until we have more attachments (e.g., integrated image thumbnail view).
  • Improved Search: Evernote has done a great job with its search feature. Assuming you're already using Evernote, you never have to worry about searching for anything again because everything in Evernote is searchable. We're not just talking about regular notes – text inside an image, handwritten notes, or PDF files can all be searched, too!
  • Type Ahead Search: Type Ahead Search is the more innovative search in Evernote 5 – it automatically recognizes your subject matter and presents search suggestions that seem to come out of thin air! Everything is organized according to the relevant subject matter, so you can find whatever you want faster. It's a revelation, mainly when you might be sick of looking at all the clutter inside your' Inbox.'
  • User-Friendly Collaboration: Evernote 5 dissolves the walls between your notes and shared notes by streaming them into a single, cohesive stream. Depending on your notebook provider, you'll be able to see everyone's activity in one cohesive interface - so if the whole team happens to be using Evernote for Work, for example, or have shared notebooks from collaborating with fellow team members (Evernote Premium only), it's easy now to browse their respective articles without having to jump from page-to-page.

Benefits of using Evernote

  • Optical Character Recognition: When you upload an image to Evernote, and it's not supported or accessible, you'll need to either save the file as a new note or try uploading it in another format. For example, say you scanned a receipt for dinner at a restaurant, but the restaurant's name wasn't included in the text on the ticket itself. You'll still be able to search for it even if you never saved the name of that restaurant in the note by scanning it into Evernote using OCR and tagging this new note accordingly.
  • Cloud Management: Evernote focuses primarily on the cloud, never worrying about securing local copies of information. However, Evernote Business allows users to securely store and manage project-related paperwork by integrating dozens of third-party applications and services.
  • Multi-Platform Support: When you're in your office and using any Internet-enabled device, you can take notes with Evernote. For example, you may add content via a laptop or smartphone while on the go and reaccess it at work. Besides the native apps it offers for Android and iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry, the company also provides clients for OS X and Windows. Tools such as Penultimate by Apple and Web Clipper by Evernote help users take notes via their iPad browser even if they're not online. If you happen to be using a public computer, there are ways to log in via an email address or off-site web clipping.
  • Tagging and Organization: Evernote is a fun and valuable tool for organizing your essential data and helping you to stay focused on the things that matter most. Evernote will help you manage everything that matters in your life! Not only can you use Evernote to create notebooks, but you can also combine them into "stacks" (something like folders). In addition, tags allow you to efficiently search through your massive amounts of data when you want to at a later date.

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2. EssentialPIM

EssentialPIM is a comprehensive PIM system that boasts an intuitive interface and intuitive tools. The program is based on a modern, powerful core, enabling forward compatibility with all future product versions. The cross-platform synchronization tool allows you to keep your contacts, appointments, tasks, notes, reminders, and emails synchronized between EssentialPIM on your PC and cell phone or tablet. Industry experts have repeatedly awarded the innovative application as an excellent productivity suite. The software is designed to be highly flexible and informative simultaneously. It supports several intelligent features that can significantly enhance your everyday experience with its functions.

Features of Essential PIM

  • Integration with Cloud Services
  • Open Source DataBase
  • Notes
  • Sticky Notes
  • AES 256-bit key
  • Global Search
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Multi-user database access
  • Email Management
  • Password Management
  • Data Synchronization
  • Calendar
  • Multiple Layout Printouts
  • Storing and Linking
  • Cross-linked and tagged data, and many more

Benefits of EssentialPIM

  • Can be Leveraged for Personal or Business Purposes: Whether users are dealing with personal or business matters, they can utilize EssentialPIM to help them stay organized and systematic. They can use this application for storing, organizing, and handling all the essential pieces of information they need for their personal or business activities.
  • Ease of Use: EssentialPIM is similar to Microsoft Outlook and other tools that have proven their worth in the market and are widely used as a component of a business strategy. Users can access capabilities, user interfaces, and tried and proper tools, making operating the application much more accessible.
  • Consolidate All Essential Pieces of Information in a Cloud Environment: EssentialPIM offers one-stop shopping for the most critical pieces of information in the digital age. Its capabilities boast that it centralizes all relevant, cloud-based details about scheduled events and activities, project tasks, customers, prospects, and other contacts or important notes so users can access and retrieve them from within the app itself!
  • Improve How you Reuse Information: EssentialPIM enhances the reusability of information. Users only need to enter pieces of information once and use them multiple times for whatever purpose, eliminating the need to input all sorts of details repeatedly. For instance, if they are making adjustments to the schedules they previously prepared, they must drag and drop schedule information and details on an intuitive user interface.

Essential PIM is an app available on Insiderapps.com

3. Pomodone App

PomoDoneApp is a tool that helps to manage workflow. It helps you better manage tasks, track employees' work hours and measure productivity to manage the stress of your day-to-day online life. You can use PomoDoneApp to get the most out of work, family, social activities, and yourself! The application allows users to select and track specific projects, notebooks, or boards of a task. Users can sort information using custom tags and set up multiple time intervals for work or breaks. Features include interruption notes, log management, a browser plugin, hotkeys, tag customization, and subtask creation.

PomoDoneApp lets you switch between tasks, designate time for essential things like cleaning the fridge out, and easily access important information without making you jump through hoops to find or get it. It helps teams of employees stay up to date on what's going on with their projects effortlessly.

Features of PomoDone App

  • Activity Tracking
  • Collaboration tools
  • Progress Tracking
  • Project Management
  • Project Time Tracking
  • Reminders
  • Tagging
  • Task Management
  • Task Planning
  • Task Progress Tracking
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Workflow Management, and many more

Benefits of PomoDone App

  • PomoDone is a time management app to ensure that you and your employees get the maximum out of every minute. This intuitive, multi-functional tool will maximize productivity and growth by tracking working hours.
  • With PomoDone, business owners can see a detailed breakdown of their time on individual tasks. This makes it easier to focus on one priority at a time and to analyze bottlenecks in an existing workflow. Users can connect PomoDone to their business software tools with the available integrations, so the tool uses which are already familiar become even more helpful.
  • PomodoroDone is a time tracking tool designed for use with The Pomodoro Technique® - made famous by the likes of Elon Musk and Bill Gates. The technique focuses on breaking down scheduled tasks into 25-minute intervals, during which you are to remain focused and undisturbed to be more productive.
  • This application offers the user the most significant advantage with its seamless integration with several different productivity services.
  • Using PomoDone to manage your important tasks and projects, automatically connect the app to productivity apps like Evernote, Asana, Trello, and OneNote. With this feature, users can select the projects or tasks they want to monitor with PomoDone and add different tags to quickly identify them - for example, #redoAssignment-ProjectName-Subtasks, where -Subtasks is a way of identifying specific subtasks in the project. One of the many upsides of tagging projects while assigning them with PomoDone is that one can search throughout their entire project with one click instead of manually searching if they have many separate notes attached to their project.
  • Pomodoro Technique is an easy way to do your work. With PomoDone, you must download a simple plugin for your browser and check it off every 25 minutes at work intervals. This allows you to get still the benefits of working in short, focused amounts of time while de-stressing or distracting yourself from too many open tabs or windows. You can also block off domains that may distract you, like sites, blogs, and social media pages, while staying productive and completing your work without breaking away from your favorite tab or site!

PomoDone is an app available on Insiderapps.com

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