5 Apps for OKR Goals and objectives

Nowadays, businesses have started understanding the potential of creating objectives with their respective key results. OKRs are used by organizations worldwide to drive strategic direction and focus efforts toward achieving company objectives. Purpose and Key Results Software are created to assist you in forming and following OKRs at the administrative, unit, and personal levels.

In today's era, adopting the OKR Framework and the software usually comes hand in hand. Founders of a startup or managerial people always keep their OKRs handy to create a game plan for the coming financial year.

So, to save you precious time and help you make the best choice for your needs, we've assembled a list of our top OKR application tools.

1. Teamleader

Teamleader is a goal and objective management application with invoicing and project management tools that make work easier for 10,000+ SMEs—bringing OKR, CRM, project management, and invoicing concurrently with a reflexive software solution. Teamleader lets your team collaborate, organize and build your business while rooting for team corroboration. The company's HQ is in Ghent, with about 150 employees.

Teamleader has rapidly grown from just a tech startup to a scale-up OKR management company. As a tech company, there are no individuals in charge of IT. They exclusively rely on SaaS applications to run their business. The company's number of internal applications has increased, so managing accounts and passwords has become overly complex.

Teamleader has created an alternative solution that would make user management approachable and flexible while creating an even better user experience integration for everyone working at the company.

Features offered by Teamleader are as follows:

  • Workflow Capability: One can easily automate a process requiring several steps that typically need intervention from several users. Administrators can write rules to determine who and when a user must complete a degree. It also includes notifications of users when they need to take action.
  • Document & Content Management: The platform seamlessly allows consuming, publishing, and editing content from a central interface. Content management for CRM systems might include presentations, documents, images, and other related electronic files.
  • Performance and Reliability: The software is consistently available (uptime). It allows users to complete tasks quickly because they are not waiting for the software to respond to their actions.
  • Bill Processing: One can quickly kickstart bill-making by building invoices and payment receipts without wasting much time.
  • Email Marketing: This allows users to send emails to contacts in bulk. Standard features include:
    - Built-in Email templates.
    - Social media integration.
    - Subscriber list management.
    - Sign-up forms.
    - Success rate reports.
    - AB testing.
    - Auto-responders.

Teamleader is an app available on Insiderapps.com

2. Appian

Appian implementation might be the solution if you're wasting funds on ineffective manual techniques and slipping behind the competition because your operations can't keep up.

Appian is an application that would help your organization build automated workflows and applications. It is a low-code automation platform that rapidly helps organizations build apps and workflows. Appian can support companies maximize their resources and enhancing their business results by connecting individuals, technologies, and data in a single workflow.

Many of the world's most significant associations use Appian applications to enhance customer experience, execute operational excellence, and facilitate global risk management and compliance.

Some of the most exclusive features provided by Appian are as follows:

  • No-Code App Development: Appian provides phenomenal drag and drop tools usable by admins with little to no coding experience to build applications that automate workflows and business processes. With the help of this feature, individuals can easily manage their app development according to their OKR goals.
  • Accessibility: Allow users to access workflows and processes from anywhere, given that employees in different locations and roles will require it.
  • Process Analysis: Delivers data points such as time and cost of a process on a dashboard to evaluate process efficacy.
  • Execution Management: It allows users to analyze processes, find bottlenecks, and identify gaps between how things should be and how they are.
  • Data Migration: Let users add existing sources when creating the initial application or changing data sources.
  • Lifecycle Management: Provides the ability to manage application and maintenance from the build, throughout the release, and until deactivation.
  • Document Management: It allows the user to manage documents, including versioning and integrating those documents with third-party applications.
  • Workflow Automation: One can easily streamline the flow of work processes by establishing alarms and alerts that notifies the route information to the appropriate individuals when their action is required within the compensation process.

Appian is an app available on Insiderapps.com

3. Perdoo

Perdoo is the OKR platform used by ambitious organizations to propel their growth. It would help if you had the tools and expert coaching to realize growth and turn strategy into results. Visually connect your goals to the system they support. Track real-time progress toward targets, and know what's being worked on if they're missed. Beyond the software, Perdoo's expert coaching and industry-leading resources set your OKRs and KPIs up for maximum impact.

Users can generate effectively operationalized strategies with the same, clearly understand their work conditions, and align their scheduled efforts. This helps them work more efficiently, adding value to their daily tasks and achieving the best results.

Moreover, with Perdoo, users get access to detailed reports comprising the right insights, helping with challenge anticipation early. These insights also allow users to know the actual condition of their businesses and help them make better decisions based on factual data.

Further, real-time advice from expert coaches through tailored sessions, online OKR training for new employees per company objectives, and team-wise work updates make task management much more accessible. Organizations across 70+ countries are currently dependent on Perdoo for their daily business process monitoring tasks.

Features offered by Perdoo are as follows:

  • Cascade Planning: The platform ensures that various teams, departments, and business entities are aligned with the company's strategy. So the planning structure aligns with the objectives while helping the employees understand the goal management system.
  • Collaboration: This feature allows users from multiple teams to collaborate on strategic planning and implementation.
  • Progress Tracking: With the help of this feature, companies can easily monitor the progress of all activities related to strategy and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • KPIs and OKR management: The software also includes KPIs to track the status and success of strategic operations. While simultaneously working on defining and monitoring the business's objectives and key results (OKR).

Perdoo is an app available on Insiderapps.com

4. Mesh

MESH AI is a cloud-based employee scheduling forum for undersized and midsize clinics, hospitals, and residency programs. The critical component of the solution is automated staff allotment for managing leaves. MESH AI permits businesses to accept staff requests like swapping shifts.

In addition, it furnishes a built-in platform to help increase team communication. The brilliant suggestion feature lets users accommodate last-minute schedule shifts while informing the requester.

The software can be combined with various calendar formats such as iCal, Google Calendar, and Outlook. MESH AI also gives a dashboard for switchboard operators to witness contact information for paging or call forwarding. Moreover, the application can export shift hours for payroll and payment services without hassle. Customs forms can be built and shared for HR, training, or onboarding. Native iOS and Android apps are available.

Features provided by Mesh AI are as follows:

  • One-click scheduling: With the help of Mesh AI, one can easily schedule their meeting to meet their OKR objectives. This feature helps individuals and companies make it easier for their staff to create a hassle-free scheduling process while meeting the company's end demands.
  • Phenomenal Work Engine: With its smooth working interface, one can quickly grasp the hold of the software working. Employees can easily track their shifts and trade them for other OKR management goals. The prime motive of this engine is to create a variable of ease for the employees to make it suitable for them to reach the objective.
  • Trade Shifts: The platform also creates a scope of ease for the employees when they wish to trade their shifts while keeping the business authorities in mind. This feature helps both companies and fellow employees stay updated on the working records of the employee to determine their productivity.
  • Access from anywhere: This platform can be used through any device without hassle. One can quickly work out even if they do not have a fancy machine. This feature is cost-effective for companies to move ahead with.

Mesh is an app available on Insiderapps.com

5. Possible Work

An Agile Performance Management Software for Performance Reviews, Appraisals, and Continuous Feedback.

Align employee goals and performance to organizational objectives. Accelerate corporate growth and deeper engagement with PossibleWorks intuitive, interactive, configurable performance management software.
The platform drives high performance for small and medium enterprises through refined goals while capturing continuous feedback.

It integrates behavioral & functional competencies & active employee engagement into a proprietary high-performance framework. Small & Medium Enterprises can leverage this without needing external experts in a far simplified format.

While it Aligns Employees to organizational objectives, the platform also
nudges line Managers to help individuals be better managers through mobile interface & resources. It makes Line Managers the critical influencers in driving high-performance.

Some of the best features offered by Possible Works are as follows:

  • Adaptive Platform: With the help of this software, one can easily set monthly, quarterly, or annual goal periods based on active and crucial managerial needs. It is customizable to embrace work OKR goals to fit the organizational context.
  • Gamification: The platform is gamified to nudge activities and ensure platform concentration to drive adaptation. One can choose from an in-built list of competencies to suit their organization's vision, culture, and business model.
  • Flexible Platform: The software is configurable with an in-built repository of workflow rules at the architecture level. It can be customized according to the employee feasibility to reduce the scope of management issues.
  • Lead Indication: One can easily define sub-goals and milestones for each goal, along with reminders and manager conversations through the chat box interface. Even this feature is customizable with the help of a lead indicator library for workflow automation related to sub-goals/ milestones.
  • Transparency Alignment: With the help of this OKR management feature, employees and companies can quickly establish priorities while aligning individual employee goals with company goals without any extra effort. It is a convenient feature to drive engagement through transparency & alignment.
  • Continuous Feedback: The platform has an intuitive chat-based conversation built for coaching & timely course correction, which reviews employee performance. This system also provides a feedback analysis with critical inputs that develop the organization's competence level.
  • Agile goal formation: With this feature, the employee can quickly Adopt Cadence, which can be used annually for curating strategies, quarterly for tactical analysis & weekly for operational outcomes and objective management.

PossibleWorks is an app available on Insiderapps.com

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