5 Top-rated inventory management software for small businesses

Inventory management ensures sufficient stock levels are preserved to bypass interruptions in a company’s day-to-day functions. Enterprises handle their products or inventories around the clock as they buy new products and ship them to consumers. For the same, businesses need an easy, helpful inventory management tool to support, simplify and streamline their day-to-day inventory methods.

Nowadays, a lot of inventory management software helps small businesses with the processes. However, it is difficult to analyze which software best suits a business. Moreover, here are a few points to remember before choosing an inventory management system.

  1. Inventory Levels
  2. Inventory levels are chosen based on the total amount of a particular item or product in stock at a specific location. When you look up a product in software, it should prominently display the total in-stock quantity on the product details screen.

  3. Orders
  4. Orders are records that authorize the sale or purchase of specific items by a particular customer or from a specific vendor. You can place sales and purchase orders within our software and process them to affect stock levels.

  5. Product Identification

Product Identification means uniquely identifying a specific item or group of items. Within Dynamic Inventory, you can locate products using SKU, barcode, name, or custom fields.

Moreover, for your convenience, we have curated a list of top inventory management software to help your small business boom.

1. Sortly

Sortly is a cloud-based, streamlined inventory application that also comes with an asset tracking system. The software is specially made for small businesses. The software takes care of lending out items to employees and selling inventory to customers. It even keeps tabs on your used products.

The visual tracker of the software tracks items based on the item name, code, description, price, etc. Small companies can easily schedule and manage reminders and alerts. In addition, one can add custom tags and monitor user activity simultaneously with the software's vast essential aspects and features. Sortly is free to use but also offers paid options for additional capabilities.

Advantages of Sortly

  • Easy to Use: The software allows the users to access the inventory with an intuitive yet friendly interface that makes shipping simple and hassle-free. The steps are easy to use and can be learned by any layman without software knowledge.
  • Minimize Costs: One can easily create a free account on Sortly to avail of most of its features. They can use the free account before making an annual or monthly investment to access additional advanced capabilities.
  • Shipping Simplified: The software has an option to categorize assets, track inventory, and document and manage shipments without any added hassle.
  • User Friendly: The software has easy Navigation tools. It is equipped with comprehending capabilities without the need for technical background. Automation on Sortly is a seamless workflow.

Key Features of Sortly

  • Barcode/QR Scanner:Businesses can check in/out and update items with the help of the in-built scanner rather than manually typing the every minute details.
  • Tracking: One can organize their inventory to allow monitoring in a seamless manner across multiple sites.
  • Reports: Businesses can back up their data and generate it without any issues. They can export customizable lists and reports via Dropbox, PDF or CSV.
  • Multiple Photos: Provide users an interactive space to add multiple photos for items in folders. Customize and quickly locate pictures, folders and interactive areas.
  • Custom Fields: Include extra information in notes and tags to help track and make the workflow seamless.

Sortly is an app available on Insiderapps.com

2. Shipstation

ShipStation is a web-based shipping software created especially for multi-channel merchants. Anyone who sells on multiple platforms (eBay, Amazon, etc.) & ships physical goods can save time & money.

With the help of ShipStation, small businesses can connect all of their transports and order sources in one location. The software allows you to integrate all your selling channels and transport accounts, simplifying the entire order management and shipping experience.

Advantages of Shipstation

  • ShipStation has complete inventory and order management—two great systems in one.
  • The software interface allows several customization options to meet each user’s workflow needs. This feature benefits eCommerce beginners or users who are migrating from different software.
  • ShipStation is one of the best inventory-management-plus-shipping platforms because it’s affordable and doesn’t split up the features.
  • ShipStation is a subsidiary of Stamps. com—which also owns several other shipping software companies—is in the business of getting things sent and delivered. You can import orders, print labels, and ship products with a button.

Features of Shipstation

  • Inventory management capabilities: such as catalog support, stock allocation, inventory alerts, and syncing—and the ability to customize labels, packing slips, outbound emails, and tracking pages.
  • Rate Comparison Tool: ShipStation’s shipping calculator also functions as a rate-shopping tool by comparing various shipping options. The device is well-developed and intuitive and allows users to toggle between different carriers and methods for each parcel. All rates displayed are up-to-date and accurate—meaning the speed you choose is exactly what you’ll be charged. If available, delivery estimates will also be shown.
  • Returns Management: ShipStation’s advanced returns management features create a significant edge over other shipping solutions. Its primary offering is a branded returns portal, which saves time by allowing your customers to perform self-service returns on your site.
  • Peripheral Hardware: ShipStation has its proprietary app for connecting peripheral devices. ShipStation Connect is a downloaded application that serves as a bridge between your ShipStation account and the following devices: Thermal printers, Laser printers, HID-compliant USB scales, Barcode scanners
  • ShipStation is an app available on Insiderapps.com

    3. Ramco ERP

    Ramco is a post-modern and cognitive ERP Softwareon the cloud that transforms organizations into digital enterprises. Ramco ERP is a comprehensive cloud ERP solution catering to the needs of fast-growing enterprises embarked on digital transformation. Ramco's cognitive and post-modern ERP software help optimize complex business processes and enables organizations to thrive digitally.

    Ramco Systems' transportation management solutions (TMSs) are part of the suite of logistics solutions for the 3PL and transportation industry. Ramco's solutions employ technology architectures that can accommodate changes in business processes. Transportation management solutions include inbound and outbound logistics with vehicle management functionality that integrates with warehouse management, inventory, and financial operations.

    Advantages of Ramco ERP

    • Ramco provides a chat boot to manage the daily schedule in self-service with lots of conveniences.
    • Ramco Systems Corporation provides enterprise solutions and offshore applications development services, with more than 1,000 customer installations to date.
    • Ramco offers software products and services, including enterprise applications for e-commerce, business analytics, and strategic consulting services.
    • It caters to various industries, including defense, airlines, logistics, manufacturing, energy and utilities, infrastructure and real estate, staffing and professional services, and more.

    Features of Ramco ERP

    • Analyze Project Profitability: One can compare actual versus planned expenses, substantial revenue with forecasted revenue, and solid profitability against planned profitability. It also analyzes profitability percentages and generates project performance report cards.
    • Automate Production: Companies can set up an automated production schedule and understand the industry dynamics. It diversifies into new product lines, develops new business models, complies with regulations, and offers competitive product prices.
    • Warehouse Management: The users can record and maintain information on fixed investments and monitor value differences. They can also facilitate automation across order streaming, allocation and planning, load planning and waiving. It encourages and raises warehouse efficiency.
    • Customer Satisfaction: Businesses also get the feature to engage customers with interchanges, support and collective requests through consumer portals that result in service level enhancements. Constant interactions with the customer lead to customer satisfaction and business growth.
    • Optimize Fleet Availability: With the software, businesses increase fleet availability, lower total procedure costs and optimize resource distribution based on supervision schedules.
    • Automate Data Collection: Automate accurate data collection from various plant control systems and mitigate the chances of errors in manual entry. Automated data collection captures data in real-time, allowing users to make robust decisions.

    Ramco ERP is an app available on Insiderapps.com

    4. NCR Aloha POS

    NCR Aloha POS is a sales and inventory management system for more extensive, multi-location businesses. It consists of a hybrid approach to help companies to work in different areas. Aloha uses locally installed hardware with a rich feature set, including solid inventory management and eCommerce.

    The system counts on its built-in features to have businesses covered. Although it lacks in terms of the number of companies it serves, it integrates with. Still, it covers the basics for any small business. It can be combined with QuickBooks and Xero for managing the accounting division.

    Advantages of NCR Aloha Cloud

    • NCR Aloha POS consists of a built-in credit card processing technique under NCR Merchant Solutions. It takes all forms of payment and merges with all major credit cards.
    • The software works in a way that it can be integrated with almost any other software for added benefits. It blends well with Tablesafe and Poynt as EMV payment machines.
    • Businesses can easily automate scheduling and store customer information by integrating loyalty programs and gift cards.

    Features of NCR Aloha Cloud

    • Inventory Management: NCR Aloha POS consists of robust back-office management features that are as follows:
    • Purchase Orders: POS comes with the capability to form and follow purchase orders, and you can effortlessly keep track of them in the back end. It also recommends asset orders based on current industry trends.
    • Real-Time Ingredient Tracking: Companies can easily keep tabs on their ingredient levels during busy times at your restaurant or office.
    • Store-By-Store Comparisons: Easily discern what items are selling well or not at all at a particular location. You can also easily set up transfers of inventory between locations.
    • Future Sales Tracking: One of the unique inventory features the system offers, it predicts future sales amounts and guest tracking, running those reports at 15-minute intervals.
    • Loyalty: The POS has a customizable add-on loyalty program, allowing you to choose the metrics by which customers can gain rewards. It also tracks spending information, so you can reward your top spenders and quickly set up efficient marketing campaigns.
    • Feedback: NCR Aloha restaurant POS also has a unique analytics device that tracks how customers leave feedback about your business. Owners can track what platforms their customers use and what they receive through the internet.

    NCR Aloha POS is an app available on Insiderapps.com

    5. Vend

    Vend is a cloud-based software for sale and inventory management for retailers of all types and sizes. Vend offers mean to help handle the customer experience, sales, inventory, customer data, and more.

    The software operates via Mac, PCs, and iPads. It integrates with numerous payment providers to facilitate work operations. Moreover, it uses in-house hardware, including receipt printers, cash drawers, and bar codes.

    Advantages of Vend

    • Easy Accessibility: The software operates on PC and Mac, in both online and offline forms. The software makes working on a single system more accessible for the employees and maintains workflow consistency with multiple endpoints.
    • Save Time: With the software, companies can effortlessly automate various retail processes and data entry work. Some of the most prominent features that save time are inventory tracking, sales calculation, reporting, and other workflows and focus on more critical tasks.
    • Fast Checkouts: Speed up and simplify the checkout process by creating templates for specific products and accepting payments via multiple methods like cards, mobile wallets, and Apple Pay.
    • Smooth Training: Simplify system navigation for the team and onboard them quickly by activating Training Mode.

    Features of Vend

    • Online Inventory Management: Digitally track, record and manage inventories on a consolidated platform. Sell and order products online, check inventory volume, ship orders, transfer products across locations, set reorders to avoid out-of-stocks, and use integrations with third-party applications like BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce to increase productivity.
    • Customer Service: Drive collaborative engagement with robust digital marketing strategies. Send online invoices and marketing emails, offer gift cards, create customized customer profiles, send rewards and manage the customer database to make targeted campaigns and improve operations.
    • Advanced Security: Augment the user experience with strict safety standards to protect user data and prevent security breaches. Avert unauthorized access to the system with firewalls, configurations, verification, and strong passwords. Prevent external threats with endpoint management solutions, PCI and GDPR compliance, encrypted transactions, and penetration testing.
    • Team Management: Stimulate effective workplace collaboration with a seamless employee management system. Create user accounts and define permissions, track employee performance, manage cash-related processes, register closure reports, get a printable record of daily totals and more.

    Vend is an app available on Insiderapps.com

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