How To Automate Customer Review Responses On Yelp And Others

Automating customer review responses should be high on your priority list if you want to boost customer engagement.

Automation is the basis of technology, according to this theory. It aids in developing brand loyalty and reflects your dedication to providing excellent service. It will be more efficient in operations, and the higher response quality will give you a competitive advantage.

What is Yelp?

Several review sites have fallen by the wayside, but Yelp has remained a reliable source for evaluations and ratings of local businesses. Yelp gathers evaluations of local companies from the public to provide consumers with the most accurate information available before purchasing.

Businesses that utilize Yelp may leverage the platform's marketing and advertising options to take things a step further. Yelp also invites you to discover your company at the outset of the registration procedure. If your company is already listed on Yelp, you may claim it or 'unlock' it.

Despite this, there will be a need for Yelp customer review response automation, and this issue will be discussed later in the article. But first, let us look at why responding to customer reviews is essential for your company and how you may do it more effectively.

Why is it important to respond to customer reviews?

Customer testimonials, often known as buyer reviews, can influence whether or not a potential customer completes a transaction. Because customer evaluations are permanent on the internet, small business owners must strive to control the narrative surrounding their company. As a result, listening to your clients' issues is one method to identify areas where your company may improve.

The Yelp search algorithm benefits business owners who regularly manage their company's page. As a result, replying to reviews can help you improve your internal search engine rating. This boosts your visibility, which leads to a more extensive consumer base and more sales.

Responding to both positive and negative reviews informs consumers that you read your page comments and are curious about what they have to say. If you want to keep or grow your social media following, engagement, SEO, or consumer interaction, you need to do this. Your public replies are also an opportunity to control your reputation, and it strengthens your connections, expands your client base, and brings in new business.

How to respond to customer reviews?

You should check Yelp, Google, and other review sites fewer times each week, but at least twice a week. You may also reply to excellent and negative customer evaluations with a private message or a public comment visible to everyone.

It is crucial to demonstrate that you care in this situation. Thank the reviewer for their input and bring out any points they may have overlooked. Furthermore, By visiting the reviews area of your company account, be sure to write a public answer to each review.

Positive Reviews

For you, as a company owner, time is of importance. So, by reacting as quickly as possible, you demonstrate your appreciation for the consumer; it is a simple action that will accompany your words of gratitude. Furthermore, it is beneficial when customers share great offline and online experiences. And reacting to them is much better since it may provide you with tangible rewards.

It is critical to keep reviews personal when replying to them. Customers reading your reviews will notice if you merely copy and paste a boilerplate response to every piece of criticism, you will come out as lazy. This simple action can give you a significant advantage over your competition.

Negative Reviews

As a business owner, you have put in many hours and effort to establish your company from the ground up. It is normal to feel assaulted when you receive a poor customer review. However, it is still necessary to respond to unfavorable feedback.

When reacting to unfavorable evaluations, you should take a customer-focused strategy. You should be willing to listen to them in order to prevent this from happening again.

While replying is critical, it is also a good idea to provide a subtle hint that the debate should be moved to a private platform. As a result, you may contact the consumer on a different platform if it is more convenient for them.

Automation of customer review responses

It is simple to scale automation with software solutions. Furthermore, by removing your team from the exact circumstance at hand, autoresponders might assist in minimizing excessively emotional answers.

While a software solution does not directly assist in collecting reviews, it does help in the management of those evaluations, resulting in faster answers and happier consumers. We have put up a list of automated tools to assist you with customer review responses.

1. Stamped

Stamped is an example of an app that may help you automate customer review answers. It's a multi-channel eCommerce marketing automation software that helps retailers improve client acquisition and retention.

Stamped's automatic and configurable workflows make it easy for users to seek and manage client reviews. Furthermore, Stamped beats out the competition if you want to customize your review automation process templates and sequences.

You will see considerable gains in your business after integrating evaluations into your eCommerce site. It also boosts conversion rates by attracting visitors to the site with visually appealing content like photo and video reviews.

They are also constantly introducing new features and improving their software. So, if you do not like anything or have a question, send them an email, and they will make every effort to assist you.


The Basic paid plan on costs $19 a month and allows you to place 200 orders per month. Stamped also has a unique free trial period that is both short and limited.

The majority of the crucial functions hide behind subscription levels that cost extra. Video Reviews, Automation, and Advanced Reporting are all must-haves in this category. If you only need the reviews and rating features, you may choose from various plans ranging from free to $249 per month for the Professional plan.

Stamped is an app available on

2. NiceJob

NiceJob distinguishes among reputation management software because of its strong ROI and a slew of favorable client evaluations attesting to its effectiveness. It offers a robust review monitoring system and the ability to make email and SMS requests and manage excellent and poor reviews. Furthermore, the procedure is automated, so you won't have to do anything by hand.

NiceJob review campaigns serve as automatic reminders to consumers who have yet to leave a remark on your company or product on the internet. This is how they function: When you request a client to submit a review, NiceAI sends them up to three follow-up emails over the course of two weeks if they do not.

This automation software's workflow is fantastic, and NiceJob will do the rest once the contacts are uploaded. It makes seeking reviews and, more crucially, following up on them much more accessible. NiceJob Convert is also an excellent bargain since it allows you to view the outcome of your website before spending hundreds of dollars on a makeover.


Pricing for NiceJob starts at $75 per month and goes up to $175 per month. However, if you want to add a NiceJob Convert Website, you'll have to pay $99 per month plus a $399 setup cost.

NiceJob is also available for a free trial. In addition, the cheapest package, which costs $75 per month, has all of the tools for reviews but has a restricted number of conversion leads.

Next, you may obtain SEO optimization tools and automated review services with the $99 per month plan. Finally, the $175-per-month plan is the most effective for increasing sales.

NiceJob is an app available on

3. TapMango

TapMango improves relationships by delivering a Customer Engagement Platform that allows businesses to create their loyalty program and offer unique solutions. It will enable shops to provide discounts in-store on the interactive TapMango tablet, rewarding customers with points for checking in.

Using the app's marketing platform, users may manage campaigns and deliver promotions and offers to clients through SMS, push notifications, and email. Furthermore, the dashboard is self-explanatory, and the user interface is simple to use. Most essential, be able to collect detailed information about customers in order to perform targeted marketing or promotions.

TapMango gives users all of the tools they need to run a turn-key Loyalty Program on par with big-box stores, including their own branded Loyalty Cards. It connects to users' existing point-of-sale systems and turns sales transactions into long-term clients. As a result, it is one of the capable customer review management software to think about.


The monthly fee of TapMango is design to allow businesses of any size to benefit from the most adaptable consumer interaction platform available. It does not offer a free trial period, but its features are sufficient for your peace of mind.

The most basic package costs roughly $239 each month, plus a $500 setup charge. Overall, the platform is affordable, with capabilities that can be used in any sector.

TapMango is an app available on


Customer reviews are crucial for various reasons, one of which is that they aid SEO, especially if you are a local firm. Customer evaluations are essential since they are handy to the great majority of customers and vital for guaranteeing your online presence in search rankings. After that, customer review automation solutions can be handy.

However, it is an excellent marketing tool that necessitates some forethought because evaluations might be challenging to come by. This procedure should assist you in managing reviews in a systematic manner, such as how soon you reply to them and which sorts of reviews you wish to respond to. However, all of the tactics and technologies discussed above will assist you in speeding up this process.

Finally, provide positive feedback on your social media networks. This method can help you improve sales, conversions, and leads, and it is also a great approach to including SEO strategies.

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