Top 13 Highly Rated Spa Management Software

Spa management software is mainly developed to serve the necessities of hotel and resort spas and individually owned spas and salons.

Spa management software aims to assist spas and salons with upcoming appointments, client information organization, and payment processing. Some solutions even include mechanization and marketing tools, allowing more precise inventory documents, less repetitive work, and much more targeted messaging.

What is spa management?

Spa management entails supervising all spa elements to ensure that the company works correctly and that all guests have pleasant feedback. This includes tasks like:

  • Managing and organizing the workforce
  • Supervising staff training to ensure that everyone understands their functions and duties
  • Organizing vendor guarantees that the spa has what it needs to fulfill guests at all times.
  • Ensuring the facility's upkeep and managing the hiring of outside contract workers as needed
  • Keeping track of and managing the spa's budget
  • Managing and working on the company's advertising campaigns

Lets have a look at the best Spa Management Softwares:

1. Zenoti

zenotiZenoti is a cloud-based software solution that offers an all-in-one solution for the spa, salon, and med spa industries. The Zenoti platform is built for scalability and dependability, leveraging the power of enterprise software for companies of all sizes. Zenoti is used by hundreds of spas and salons in more than 50 countries.

Zenoti lets people control all aspects of their business in a single mobile solution, including appointment scheduling bookings, POS, CRM, workforce management, inventory control, built-in marketing programs, and more.

Some features of Zenoti

  • Experience a cutting-edge set of features in all aspects of your spa biz. Allow your clients to choose how they would like to book a spa appointment.
  • Your front desk group will easily handle your timeline thanks to features such as exciting list viewpoints and booking wizards.
  • Clients can set an appointment and communicate with your company on iOS or Android by having a phone or laptop nearby.
  • With digital records and collecting and processing information, Zenoti enables the paperless office.
  • With Zenoti's specially made form builder, you can create nearly any form, and all form information is safely stored and managed. Forms for all purposes, such as intake, permission, discussion, treatment, SOAP notes, and others, are available. Capture signature easily, with the option of having numerous e-signatures performed.

2. You'reOnTime

youre on timeYou'reOnTime, founded in 2012, is a leading provider of cloud-based operating systems for provider entrepreneurs such as hair and beauty parlors, laser clinics, barber shops, and medical spas. Customers in over 20 countries have used the You'reOnTime brand to start managing their consultations, purchases, and advertising.


  • Consultation software is quick and straightforward, allowing you to schedule appointments on your desktop, laptop, or phone. Booking reminders, re-bookings, targeted advertising, and customer histories round out the picture.
  • Clients expect and appreciate the ability to book consultations on their phone, Fb page, or webpage.
  • By being responsive and using the direction regarding and rebooking notifications, you can keep clients coming back and reduce those feared no to something late cancellations.
  • The interconnected and targeted advertising characteristics, coupled with promotions, online bookings, emails, or SMS, allow the user quickly fill the gaping spots in your schedule.

3. Shortcuts Software

shorcut softwareShortcuts provide software to the world's leading salons. Shortcuts customers range from multi-site chain stores and brands to single-site businesses, and it provides software solutions in 9 language groups to over 14,000 customers in 48 countries.

Shortcuts' core products are constantly updated and designed for the beauty sector by the industry's largest R&D team.

4. Full Slate

full stateFull state provides complete software-as-a-service (SaaS) planning. SMBs can connect it from any Web computer, tablet, iPhone, or Android phone without installing or maintaining software. Businesses pay a monthly membership that starts at $29.95 for a single practitioner and includes unlimited clients and appointments.

Scheduled meeting notifications via email and SMS, synchronization with other calendars, flexible booking rules, 'book now' buttons, timetabling widgets, Facebook inclusion, automated set reminders, and follow-up emails are among the significant characteristics.

5. Fresha

freshaFresha is the world's most popular software for the beauty and health industries, and it is the only platform that does not require a subscription. Fresha came out ahead in all three salon software rating categories: most famous, most reasonably priced, and also most user-friendly.

The Platform manages the consultation booking process, point-of-sale, customer data, human resource management, inventory, and financial reporting, providing an all-in-one solution for all your needs. The system provides clients mobile apps and real-time booking integrations with Instagram, Facebook, and Google. also includes built-in card payment processing to guard against no-shows and late postponements. Fresha is used by 50,000 beauty businesses and 250,000 stylists and therapists worldwide. Fresha was previously known as Shedul.


  • Use their unrivaled filtering methods to find your top payers, most loyal customers, lapsed clients, and much more.
  • With their brilliant campaigns, you can surprise customers on their special day with a discount, convert newbies into regulars, and reengage disengaged customers.
  • Be visible, be available, and build your online brand. Start an online profile on their consumer market to attract the attention of thousands of potential customers in your area.
  • Add an unlimited number of Book Now buttons to your Facebook and Instagram pages so that current or future customers can register instantly online.

6. SimpleSpa

simplespaSimpleSpa was built from the ground up, with a new Appointment Supervisor, Employees, and Online Consultation Booking that makes it easy for your clients to book their appointments.

SimpleSpa now offers Numerous Location Management per Company, Multiple Worker & Staff Assistance for each place, Services Smartly grouped by Criteria, Products with Stock Control, Gift Certificates, and the ability to create additional custom services.


  • Every SimpleSpa company receives a free reservation page, and your customers select a few choices from their wizard to schedule their appointment.
  • Simple, insightful calendar that has been remodeled to allow more staff and appointment scheduling to fit on your screen.
  • When appointments are booked online, you and your customers are notified via automated email validation.
  • SimpleSpa can send email reminders to your customers effortlessly and for free.
  • Booking a consultation is a simple step-by-step procedure with a few answers to questions; there are no lengthy forms to fill out or complex data to enter, as with other apps.
  • Overbooking is not just a common occurrence; it also looks fantastic on their calendar.

7. Baxus

baxusBaxus is an internet spa, and salon management starts tailored to single salon owners and small businesses. Users can use the solution to schedule appointments, sell and promote their services, and create reports to analyze different parameters.

For rapid response to any problems encountered by users, baxus provides a comprehensive base of knowledge, webcasts, and a user base.

Users can create and handle appointment time slots in a virtual consultation book, where they can see a unified view of all reservations. Users can schedule repeated or follow-up consultations by dragging and dropping dates and times.

With the assistance of baxus, salon or spa entrepreneurs can easily access client history, nourish client relationships, increase repeat bookings, and increase profit. The solution's reporting feature allows you to analyze sales, average customer spending per visit, rebooking rates, and booking status.

8. Booxi

booxiBooxi's mission is to provide businesses with simple tools for improving consumer experience and streamlining processes related to events and bookings. Booxi saves thousands of companies many hours a month while providing a cutting-edge customer experience. booxi is a remedy that scales to meet your needs, from one person or store to dozens of workers and shops.

9. Yocale

yocaleKeep your float spa open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with online appointments that can be booked from any gadget. Enable your clients to plan and reschedule appointments from any device at their leisure. Yocale automates online booking reminders, ensuring that your customers return weekly.
Yocale's marketing methods drive outcomes and optimize the process, allowing your float spa to earn more sales while saving time. With automated SMS (text) reminders, you can decrease no-shows and focus on keeping your float company thousands of dollars each year.

10. ChiDesk

chideskTo maintain up with clients in a crowded salon environment, you must have a fast and dependable spa software system. ChiDesk will assist you in streamlining your company's check-in, sale, and timetabling processes.

The user-friendly ChiDesk UI makes it simple to book appointments. Drag and drop bookings, color code your facilities and packages for easy comparison, create repeating client bookings, o use the walk-in reservation function.

Use the intuitive scheduler to schedule services, packages, and courses. Worker shifts are also simple to manage with the familiar calendar functionality.

Their spa technology platform assists you in better understanding your clients' needs and preferences. ChiDesk centralizes client information, allowing you to record client advertising, therapist and service desires, and a thorough client history.

Medical and allergy warnings safeguard your clients, and filtering options help you pinpoint the right clients for your various advertising campaigns.

11. MioSalon

miosalonMioSalon is a complete and cost-effective Spa & Salon application website. It has effective internet booking, planner, invoicing, advertising, feedback, and data analysis features. It is appropriate for both single-location and multi-location beauty businesses.

Waffor Inc is a software company that offers an online solution for the health and beauty industries. End-to-end salon and spa management technology built on a personalized marketing platform.

12. STX

stxSTX has been a market leader in top-quality salon and spa software since 1981.

STX, an Apple Design Prizewinner for Best Consumer Experience, is the simplest management solution to gain knowledge and use; put it to work today to unlock new efficiency levels and income sources for your company.

13. Wellyx

wellyxFantastic businesses deserve fantastic software. Wellyx is a computer-based system for the beauty, wellness, and fitness industries.

Wellyx seems to be the only platform you'll need or want to make critical choices and expand your business, from salons to health centers, gymnasiums to fitness centers.

Developers managed to keep Wellyx simple and accessible from any device, and millions of satisfied users love it.

Wellyx is an app available on


Emerging marketing techniques will affect spa management professionals. Because they supervise and contribute to creating marketing campaigns for the company, they should be up to date on the latest technology trends.

For those willing to participate in the hospitality industry, trying to enter the profession of spa management can be an exciting career path. Spas offer a variety of services aimed at assisting customers in taking care of their bodies and feeling their best

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