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What is call tracking and how does it work?

If you have never heard of the term ‘call tracking’ before, you might get paranoid about the use of call tracking software. In the age of the internet where anyone can stay anonymous online, it is scary to think that the calls you make can be tracked. Even scarier to imagine if someone listened into your phone conversations. But don't worry, call tracking is primarily used by businesses to monitor who contacted them and what were the details of the conversation. It is a way for businesses to record customer data based on the calls they receive, so that they can improve their services and products based on the feedback provided. When a call is tracked, the user can generally view the location from which the call is being made from, the person calling and other details surrounding the caller. In some cases, the calls are also recorded and automated transcripts are created so that feedback and reviews can be stored in a systematic format. 

Call tracking stores the necessary and important information from calls that are received by a particular business/company. Call tracking usually works when companies set up call tracking software or systems within their facilities and link it to their phone number. This phone number is then displayed as the primary number on the brand’s website. This enables customers to reach out to the brand, via this phone number; through which calls are generally tracked. There are three different kinds of call tracking- offline call tracking, paid call tracking and organic call tracking. To learn more about the different types of call tracking and how it works, check out this link here

How are call tracking software advantageous to businesses?

Irrespective of the scale of the business, call tracking software can have multiple benefits for a business. Here are a few ways in which the use of such software can help a business grow-

  • Tracking the right marketing campaign - As a business it can be difficult to advertise as well as focus on the quality of your products. Using a call tracking software can enable you to track the right kind of marketing campaign that can support your business and also save your precious time and money
  • Lets you optimize peak calling hours - Using a call tracking software can allow the user to analyze the hours of the day as well as the days on which the call traffic is at the highest. This is a great way to efficiently manage the working hours of your staff and make use of their time optimally. 
  • Enhances customer service - Engaging your customers in the right way can greatly benefit your business. Given that call tracking software is data driven it is an excellent way to increase productivity and improve the quality of customer service that you can provide. 

Check out the 6 ways in which the use of call tracking software can benefit small businesses.


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