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All-In-One Affiliate Marketing Plugin for WordPress

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Lasso is an affiliate marketing plugin built for WordPress. It enables you to manage everything from a single dashboard, identify new income prospects from your existing links, and promote links with configurable product box display functionality. Additionally, it notifies you of broken links or out-of-stock items. This WordPress plugin is compatible with all affiliate programs on the earth.

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Henny H.
Great way for storing content

My opinion is that lasso is the simplest way to store and share online stuff with friends and coworkers. Lasso is sufficient to safeguard priceless contents. It is helpful for the numerous projects I am working on, and I can share them with team members or anybody else I need to. The UI is just beautiful and devoid of any complexity. In essence, Lasso aids in efficient bookmark management. It offers a platform on which you can compile an essential and priceless collection of web pages, links, and materials. It's one of my preferred tools for information management and teamwork on research projects.

For the majority of my projects, I work with Lasso. It really enhances my sense of satisfaction and provides security for my priceless items.

How did your team benefit the most?:
I was able to share and store content among my team much easier than I did
One Major Feature That You Benefited From:
Saving content
How difficult is it to get started?:
Relatively easy
One thing or feature you would improve:
Payments after 5 members
Size of your organization:
Position or Role:
Marketing Analyst
Why You Signed Up:
Recommended by a co-worker

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Enterprise <ul> <li>Conversion-optimized displays</li> <li>Discover affiliate opportunities</li> <li>API-free Amazon data</li> </ul> 29.00 Month
This app has yearly payment discounts available.

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  • Enterprise
    <ul> <li>Conversion-optimized displays</li> <li>Discover affiliate opportunities</li> <li>API-free Amazon data</li> </ul>
  • Essential
    <ul> <li>0% transaction fees</li> <li>Real-Time Reporting</li> <li>Commission Rates Per Affiliate Group</li> <li>Item/Category Based Commissions</li> </ul>
  • Pro
    <ul> <li>Custom Domain</li> <li>5 Team Members</li> <li>Bonus Incentives</li> <li>Custom Affiliate Onboarding Fields</li> </ul>
  • Enterprise
    <ul> <li>Single Sign On (SSO)</li> <li>Unlimited Tracking</li> <li>Premium Support</li> <li>Custom Verbiage</li> </ul>
    <ul> <li>View statistics for your posts</li> <li>Choose periods and accounts to view statistics</li> <li>The best time for publication</li> <li>Download statistics and reports from our website</li> </ul>
    <ul> <li>Replies to Facebook and Instagram comments</li> <li>Reply to Instagram user mentions</li> <li>Replies to Facebook posts</li> <li>Filter by tags and accounts</li> </ul>
Machine Labs
  • Pioneer
    <ul> <li>FREE up to 1000 contacts with 15 sends per contact</li> <li>10-device previews</li> <li>25+ themed templates</li> <li>Smart segmentation</li> </ul>

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