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Shopify is an ecommerce software marketplace which allows users to create online stores. Shopify is a commerce platform that allows anyone to easily sell online, at a retail location, and everywhere in between. Shopify offers a professional online storefront, a payment solution to accept credit cards, and the Shopify POS application to power retail sales.

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In-Depth Reviewer Comments

Fernando F.
Complete selling solution with unlimited capabilities

Shopify for us been an all in one solution, platform call it whatever you like, from marketing, managing to starting up new store all is possible with this one single platform.

How did your team benefit the most?:
Across teams we are able to keep first eyes on every little thing via its mobile application otherwise we have to get on system to work.
One Major Feature That You Benefited From:
Critical features like analytics, tracking, etc are excellent that one stand out feature for our store was the various apps available, you wouldn't need any 3rd party tools these apps and solutions are more than sufficient.
How difficult is it to get started?:
Setting up a new store is easy thanks to tutorials beyond that the functions offered in this tool are detailed, a few months it is the bare minimum you've to put in to learn all its capabilities.
One thing or feature you would improve:
Integrating 3rd party platforms does require some level of technical knowledge but it's ok if you get someone with that knowledge to do that for you.
Size of your organization:
Position or Role:
Product Development
Why You Signed Up:
To sell more products with automation

Nita I.
The best e-commerce solutions of all

Everything you need for your eCommerce store sustainably, all from one single platform

How did your team benefit the most?:
Every single operation can be tracked from order made, cart pending to delivery status overall experience of running an online store feels very sorted.
One Major Feature That You Benefited From:
There are hundreds of apps available in its app store from marketing to logistics there an app for every requirement that goes into a successful eCommerce store.
How difficult is it to get started?:
Helpful material like video tutorials, and demo documents API were helpful in getting started but if you ask how long it take to learn completely I'd say about one month or max 2 depending on your speed.
One thing or feature you would improve:
Size of your organization:
Position or Role:
Why You Signed Up:
For expanding our D2C brand on scale

App Pricing Page

Basic <ul> <li>Unlimited products</li> <li>Shipping discount: up to 77%</li> <li>Staff accounts: 2</li> </ul> 29.00 Month
Shopify <ul> <li>USPS Priority Mail Cubic® pricing</li> <li>Shipping discount: up to 88%</li> <li>Staff accounts: 5</li> </ul> 79.00 Month
Advanced <ul> <li>Third-party calculated shipping rates</li> <li>Staff accounts: 15</li> <li>Duties and import taxes</li> <li>Custom pricing by market</li> </ul> 299.00 Month
This app has yearly payment discounts available.

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Independent Reviewer Comments

Dropped Wordpress
Walerian Bronisław

First off, the support on Insider Apps is amazing - great knowledge base on these software options... which are overwhelming for me. I've obviously heard of Shopify but after some convincing I dove in and after a few weeks my enter shop was converted over to Shopify. No need to worry about checkout breakage and I feel comfortable leaving the site alone to fulfill the orders. Shout out to Ted for the recommendation!

Good customer support and response

Helps create ranked site and is easy to use

I'm more inclined towards suggesting Shopify due to its ease of use and Google-friendly site creation. Plus we get amazing shipping options without having to use any third-parties.

Ease of use and good SEO ranking

So easy to use!
Lucia Pestenli

I have used Shopify personally to take my little Etsy store to the next level and it is nice to have secure payments without ripping my hair out!

Easy to set up and get live

The best
Laurie Nault

What is there to say? Shopify is the best there is... just use it.

Powerful builder, worth the cost
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Customer Questions

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  • Basic
    <ul> <li>Unlimited products</li> <li>Shipping discount: up to 77%</li> <li>Staff accounts: 2</li> </ul>
  • Shopify
    <ul> <li>USPS Priority Mail Cubic® pricing</li> <li>Shipping discount: up to 88%</li> <li>Staff accounts: 5</li> </ul>
  • Advanced
    <ul> <li>Third-party calculated shipping rates</li> <li>Staff accounts: 15</li> <li>Duties and import taxes</li> <li>Custom pricing by market</li> </ul>
  • Custom
    <ul> <li>Create forms and surveys</li> <li>Powerful design tools</li> <li>Advanced reporting options</li> <li>Advanced conditional logics</li> </ul>
MageNative Magento App
  • Enterprise
    <ul> <li>Home Page Bannerright</li> <li>Product Listingright</li> <li>Product Sortingright</li> <li>Product Detail Page</li> </ul>
Zoho Creator
  • Professional
    <ul> <li>Pricing per user</li> <li>5 apps (billed per use)</li> <li>20 Integration Flows</li> <li>10 BI & Analytics</li> </ul>
  • Ultimate
    <ul> <li>Unlimited apps</li> <li>100 Integration Flows</li> <li>Unlimited BI & Analytics</li> <li>10 users included </li> </ul>

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