10 Best Automation Software For New Clients

Brand representation? Prospects? Customer Acquisition? Marketing is what helps you in building all the aspects. It is all about spending time, connecting and engaging with customers, managing information, acquiring more leads, logging data, and more.

To adapt to constantly rising changes to follow a unique and different approach, and make the process easier, is when Automation softwares take over the race.

If you haven’t adopted automation softwares for your business, you might be lagging as businesses using automation softwares report a massive improvement in their sales. They reduce the slightest chance of human error and save you hard to earn - time and money.

Looking for some validation on this? Well, to prove the above, let us look at the stats.
Automation softwares help in increasing sales and production by 14.5% and reduce overhead by 12.2%.

More than half, nearly 60% of users, claim that marketing automation improves quantity and quality leads.
Automated Emails are better than email newsletters that are too general. They increase the open rate by 70% and better click-through rate by 152%

Now, to achieve that level, let us look at some of the best automation softwares for new clients.

1. Pipedrive

pipedrivePipedrive is a tool based on sales and focuses on customer relationship management that every upcoming team might love to use. It allows businesses to plan their sales and activities and account for all the deals. It can be done for just $21.46 monthly, from communication tracking to eliminating repetitive tasks.

Integration with third-party apps, insights, and reports are all accessible easily with the support of Pipedrive. With 10000+ subscription plans in over 179 countries, it still focuses on simple yet powerful designs to prioritize utility over all other aspects. It overs a free plan as well.

Pipedrive is an app available on Insiderapps.com

2. Mailchimp

mailchimpMailchimp, with its free plan, is popular automation software that works on collecting data, marketing channels, and insights from all places in one spot to achieve goals much faster. They allow you to build emails, social ads, landing pages, and postcards and send them to the correct receivers.

Mailchimp also assists in creating a website with built-in marketing tools and business to the correct target audience, along with offering custom domains. From complete campaign transparency to email tracking, it will allow you to create customized templates from the already-made templates.

This can be ideal for building a long-lasting customer relationship with a user-friendly experience.

Mailchimp offers 3 monthly plans: Essentials at $9.99, standard at $14.99, and premium plan at $299. Select the right one for you.

Mailchimp is an app available on Insiderapps.com

3. EngageBay

engagebayEngageBay is another widespread automation and CRM software that works on helping small to big businesses acquire and convert website traffic to consumers. This software focuses on building relationships in a way that manages to retain them as customers.

They deliver a great user experience by making customers the focal point of the business. EngagesBay has some best features like retaining leads on the websites, automated emails, social media management, and client-to-brand ambassadors conversions.

Engagebay is an app available on Insiderapps.com

4. Salesmate

salesmateA CRM and automation platform that will aid you in growing your sales and managing the customer journey, Salesmate is a platform that provides better proficiency and streamlines each process.

It helps execute marketing campaigns with the automation process to bring a drastic change in the sales map. That is not the end of its features. It also allows sequences of follow-ups with email and text to engage customers in time. Salesmate also helps make decisions based on current and correct data and creates beautiful, interactive reports.

So, get creating, automating, and executing the sales and marketing for free for 15 days and then at $12/user/month for better results.

Salesmate is an app available on Insiderapps.com

5. HubSpot

hubspotIn the marketing world, this hub software will help you grow traffic and convert more visitors to manage campaigns. This is one of the leading softwares in the market. It is famous for the automation process with its flexible workflows and visual interface.

Be it repetitive tasks, business growth or automated email campaigns, leading scores, or analytics, Hubspot will do it all for you to eliminate dependency on manual labor and scale up the revenue generated.

It starts at $45 per month, has acquired nearly 1,00,000 users, and is spread across almost 120 countries to become the best automation tool. This will help you create a Shopify plus account and integrate with Hubspot to increase traffic generation and build a brand value for the same.

Believe it when we say this inbound marketing software will help you in boosting the existing market with its variety of tools.

6. Maximizer

maximizerFor quick access to peer knowledge, prompt resolution of cases, saving screen time, and easy tracking of interactions, Maximizer is the one screen you need. Maximizer CRM has features of sales management, customer service, support, and integration with Microsoft office, except for marketing automation.

Its management abilities can search and sort data for pre-defined criteria. It has several plans with a starting price of $29 per month, with a free trial for the same.

Maximizer is an app available on Insiderapps.com

7. Omnisend

omnisendFor E-commerce automation, there is no better tool than Omnisend. It will build advanced automation for abandoned carts, emails of transactions, welcome series, offers, and more. It is the channel with a combination of email and SMS marketing and integrating big e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Magento.

With features like customer segmentation, this is the perfect automation software for an email marketing campaign at its core. This will help personalize messages to customer data and engagement of consumers, as powerful and easy go hand-in-hand on Omnisend.

Like MailChimp, Omnisend also has 3 plans for its users. They are Standard at $16 per month, Pro at $99 per month, and Enterprise at custom pricing. Other than this, it also has a free plan, but with access to limited features and for a limited period.

Omnisend is an app available on Insiderapps.com

8. Eloqua

eloquaEloqua or Oracle Eloqua is another automation tool with similar features. It focuses on streamlining sales and market activities that manage cross-channel B2B marketing campaigns and blossom leads at nearly every step.

Customer segmentation, lead management, intelligence, sales, and marketing alignment are the best of this automation software to escalate revenue generation and build a strong customer community.

Well, this may not work well for a single user. But it might be the best for enterprises that do not work on a restricted budget. The nearest to this software and a strong competitor is Market. Eloqua starts at $2,000/month, which can be very expensive for a few to afford.

9. Drip

dripDrip, a unified channel, offers an advanced level of automation to manage email marketing and personalizations based on company requirements. In addition to its features, it provides automation workflows, email campaigns, and analytics insights for better performance and an increase in revenue.

Therefore, if you run an e-commerce business, then this is true for you. However, it starts at a monthly plan for $19 and targets customers when they click to buy, purchase, or surf across the store.

This will help you run a marketing campaign for more sales even with zero knowledge about coding and related skills.

Drip is an app available on Insiderapps.com

10. Moosend

moosendMoosend can be the BMW of automation tools as it is one of the best email marketing and automation software for Fortune-500 companies and SMBs with minimalistic features and an average leading graph.

With excellent features like drag-and-drop for emails and a massive, customizable template library, it can send the right message to the right consumer at the right time. The impressive list of features is too long to specify all. But to mention a few, landing pages and subscription forms, analytics, and reporting features help in a data set decision-making without a doubt.

With a vast scope of integration of 100 favorite tools, it ensures a smooth and easy transition at nominal pricing. It has a free trial for the first 30 days, which does not require a credit card. Other than that, it has two plans, a pro plan, and an enterprise plan. They are available at $9 per month and a customized plan based on requirements, respectively.

Moosend is an app available on Insiderapps.com


To conclude, every business has distinctive requirements for automation and market building. The scale and level of marketing are other factors that determine the automation tool for the particular business. Thus, the above listed are the 10 best automation softwares for new clients to implement in your business. They will more or less benefit you and your business.

If you have a hectic business schedule, then these automation tools can help in lead generation, customer acquisition and, quick closure on deals, reduction in repetitive tasks to save time and cost.

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