3 Best Route Optimization Software

According to our forecast models, the route optimization software market can cross $5.07 billion by 2023, growing at an 11.4% CAGR. The competition in the industry is increasing due to multiple players offering their solutions. There is no one-size-fits-all option for every organization that provides this service because delivery businesses operate on many scales - from local courier services to international goods across borders. However, companies looking for route optimization software mustn't fall into spending money on an inferior product. Our experts have collated some of the best route optimization software manufacturers for each business to find the ideal solution for your needs!

1. WorkWave Route Manager

When planning and scheduling drivers, Dailyshopper uses WorkWave's Route Manager because it is a cloud-based solution that helps Dailyshopper route drivers on the map and ensures they don't get lost while driving around with their deliveries. With this tool, Dailyshopper can plan around time windows and work requests, adjust schedules in real time if needed, confirm ETAs before leaving for a delivery or go back home if plans change at the last minute. Additionally, since Route Manager supports drag-and-drop routing style and best fit addressing logic options, our users can easily integrate their massive volume of addresses into the tool. Whenever any issues arise on a route—such as potholes or blocked roads—Dailyshopper's managers automatically receive an alert notification via SMS.

Planners can receive routes and check in on drivers before arriving at the start of the shift to capture proof of delivery and monitor their movement throughout the day while they try to deliver as many packages as possible. GPS tracking is available so planners can always know where their drivers are, allowing them to maintain complete visibility.

Features of Workwave

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Barcode Recognition
  • Communication Management
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Dispatch Management
  • Driver Management
  • Geofencing
  • Location Tracking
  • Mileage Tracking
  • Order Management
  • Progress Tracking
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Route History
  • Route Management
  • Route Optimization
  • Routing, and much more.

Benefits of WorkWave Route Manager

  • Create the fastest routes: WorkWave Route Manager is a fantastic tool for anyone involved in the transportation, logistics, and delivery industries. It allows you to plan your work schedule and share it with your teammates on the road so everyone can see what's coming next. One of my favorite things about this software is that one can develop the best route map and instantly share a copy with all their team members, so they know exactly what lies ahead.
  • Plan Routes Efficiently: The program enables fleet owners to develop their employee database and check vehicle availability. Route planners can send order lists via CSV/Excel doc, add locations manually, and request new routes if schedule changes occur. The automated route planner
    produces the fastest ways based on the number of pickup/drop locations the drivers need to cover. With the drag-and-drop interface, you can easily adjust plans if required, approve plans and carry out instructions with just a couple of clicks by sending them off to your drivers. Your employees will get updated route information on their iOS and Android phones as they go through their assigned locations daily!
  • Get Real-Time Alerts: The software offers real-time alerts and notifies the manager when drivers arrive or leave stops. The GPS map integration enables managers to track the location of their vehicles, sending immediate signals when a driver moves away from their designated route. The program also offers features to track and analyze drivers' performance. Using these features, you can configure KPIs based on delivery time, fuel consumption, idle time, and more and compare actual performance vs. set indicators.
  • Other Benefits: Since mobile technology has allowed us to connect with our loved ones almost anywhere at any time, we've recently made it a goal to implement apps that let families share advice more quickly. An app called GPS Family Locator is one tool that keeps track of where members are every moment and enables them to share vital information if they happen to need help. This is an app where family members can share the best ways to keep in touch while still participating in their favorite activities by providing particular locations, so that loved ones know when it's okay for them to interrupt and when it's a better idea to wait until after the specific activity has ended.

WorkWave is an app available on Insiderapps.com

2. CXT Software

All the Tools You Need to Get the Job Done! A comprehensive toolbox specifically built to solve the unique logistics challenges of on-demand and routed transportation. Last-mile, route, and on-demand software that scales with your business, complete with features designed to meet the needs of both cargo owners and drivers.

When CXT Software opened its doors over two decades ago, it was determined to help delivery companies succeed and now has gone on the front lines of a rapidly changing world. As software that speaks to your unique needs, CXT Software enjoys every minute as one of the leaders in this fast-paced industry!

Features of CXT Software

  • 3PL Management
  • API
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Barcode Recognition
  • CRM
  • Cross Docking
  • Customer Database
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Dispatch Management
  • Document Management
  • Label Printing
  • Location Tracking
  • Invoice Management
  • Order Management
  • Order Tracking
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Route Management
  • Route Optimization
  • SMS Messaging, and much more.

Benefits of CXT Software

  • The Dispatch Core software is the initial core upon which we build all other Dispatch offerings. With this, you will find a drag and drop dispatch board with features for scheduling and monitoring on-demand orders, intelligently allocating jobs, invoicing, accounting, reporting, and managing operations data within its SQL Server database.
  • The route is a leading Route Software that makes route optimization easy by supporting route administration, planning, driver manifests, and stop controlling. Route promotes Chain of Custody to make sure that there are no issues with your shipments. The Proof of Delivery (POD) module keeps track of PODs to ensure the services are fully delivered according to customer requirements. A built-in scanner captures route updates in near real-time from drivers' phones.
  • Driver tracking is the tool that allows dispatchers to plot routes, orders, vehicle fleets, and drivers onto a map. This tool provides a birds-ey view of live operations, which can be displayed on dispatch office screens for better understanding and quicker response. This system includes some additional features such as geofencing and many others.
  • The client portal provides a self-service capability for customers and drivers. It lets you place orders, track delivery status, and invoice for credit card payments.
  • It helps provide a safe and secure way for drivers to find the optimal routes from their current location. If there are areas where people frequently stop, those are the spots that signal higher traffic and would be worth investigating. This app from T&R will help provide quick support to drivers by allowing them to communicate directly with their contacts at Team's offices or with customers.

CXT Software is an app available on Insiderapps.com

3. Map my Customers

An app called Map My Customers is a similar tool you might use as a sales rep to understand your territory better and track your sales performance. It allows your Team to plot customers, contacts, and deals on a map. This enables you to optimize routes, so you don't waste time driving in circles or backtracking and spending more time behind the wheel than necessary, which means you spend more face-to-face time with customers. While working on the go, it also allows users to find nearby leads to optimize their territory (who's closer and has money) and never drive past revenue again. Moreover, it can be used as a log for activities and updates for customer records if needed....and that's not all! Suppose your business uses popular CRMs such as HubSpot, Salesforce, or Zoho. In that case, there's no need to worry because this app will automatically sync with those platforms when you have them logged in under social login.

Features of Map My Customers

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Lead Management
  • Meeting Management
  • Performance Management
  • Prospecting Tools
  • Segmentation
  • Task Management
  • Third
  • Party Integration
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Reporting and Statistics, and many more.

Benefits of Map My Customers

  • Visualize Customers as Pins on a Map: Put the locations where your customers are on the big map, Create groups based on top customers, product lines, territories, and more, and see which countries have not been visited by salespeople in a set number of days.
  • Make More Stops: Now, you can select your target audience with a single click on the map. Group customers into market segments to build optimized marketing routes and allocate financial goals by channel. Find new leads along your way by distributing contact information through integrated email or SMS functions and other following social media channels/tools, including Twitter, Facebook, and more.
  • Ditch Data Entry: Log customer visits in just a few taps and easily capture calls or emails on the go without taking away from your other tasks at hand. Track activity by log number, store locations, or uses the document camera to scan documents which will automatically be geo-tagged and indexed for retrieval when needed later.- Hubspot integration allows you to log contact activities in one place on your phone and automatically transfer information wherever required, like Hubspot, Quickbooks, or an Excel spreadsheet that may be more convenient for you, such as in your vehicle.

Map My Customers is an app available on Insiderapps.com

Choose the best for your business

You won't find a better option based on the pricing, impact, and features of Upper Route Planner. This can help your delivery operations immensely and ensure that employees can optimize routes to increase business productivity within seconds. The smooth and intuitive interface allows those to adapt to it very quickly so they can help you achieve your desired business results in no time. You will be able to save up to 95% of your planning time, which can help you outshine and strengthen your presence in the industry.

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