Top 14 Data Integration Tools for Salesforce

What is Data integration?

Data integration refers to collecting and combining data from various sources, thus providing users with a unified collective view. The prime objective of data integration is to create readily available and processed data for users of different organizations.

What is Data Integration Tools?

Data integration tools are tools designed to perform data integration, i.e., cleansing, analyzing, transforming, and mapping data as per the user's requirement.
Data integration is a crucial aspect when it comes to Salesforce. Here we have listed the top data integration tool that you can find for Salesforce!

1. Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell, a CRM software focused on bringing sales teams to achieve the target deals. Task and data analysis helps to boost sales by setting real-time goals. It allows leaders in sales to understand their KPIs, showing their strengths and weaknesses. The sales leader also analyses the key points and gets insights into the revenue growth in stable, measurable, repeatable ways.

Zendesk Sell provides unique features that come at the cost of paying a small amount. Ranging from $19 to $199, Zendesk Sell has one of the most premium CRM features for its users in the marketplace.

Zendesk Sell is an app available on

2. Hubspot

Hubspot is a ready-to-go CRM that gives sales leaders a real-time view of the sales pipeline and helps them track the team's performance.

Its unique feature to add 1 million contacts with no time expiration makes it a value-for-money product. Moreover, Hubspot starts with a free version. In this free version, one can explore the needs and utilities of Hubspot.

Closing deals becomes easier with time-saving tools in Hubspot. Understand the clients who are likely to make a sale and those who will take time to generate sales. Hubspot also has free features, which help analyze characteristics and support a company's needs. Most, CRM software, is heavily paid even if you take the time to learn it's working, and Hubspot provides a free plan to work with its premium tools.

Hubspot is an app available on

3. Acumatica

Acumatica helps businesses grow with robust built-in features, allowing users a descriptive suite for modern ERP applications. Ease in company management, reviewing customer feedback, and gaining business insights.

Maintain your daily work progress in the office or on vacation. 24/7 access to your business through a mobile app and collaboration tools specially designed for mobile and telework scenarios.

Acumatica is an app available on

4. Fulcrum

Fulcrum is a SaaS (Software as a Service) ERP focused on building up small and medium-sized companies to boost their working capacity by providing automation, workflow optimization, and data collection. The secret of Fulcrum lies in the total digitization, paper-free, predictive analytics to let the company drive out profitability.

Fulcrum is cultivated so one can use it to understand the organization's strengths, i.e., Getting the best from the hard-working personnel in the company, tracking their strengths, and understanding the leverages they can put in and give out. The software is easy to use as we use social media apps, and the level of stress that one can have at work is reduced to a considerable extent with the use of a future-ready application like Fulcrum.

Fulcrum has been providing industry-ready ERP for startups, thus helping them boost their productivity. Beyond customer satisfaction, Fulcrum has put forward the best industrial practice among the cooperates. Many leading companies

Fulcrum is for shopkeepers, OEMs, and customer-specific manufacturers working in a revolving, experimental environment. It provides wings to those businesses that are limited by the market's labor availability.

Fulcrum is an app available on

5. Asana

Asana is a multi-level project management tool that allows users to manage tasks divided into child tasks. This type of management helps divide team tasks among dedicated work staff and easily collaborate with those who are interconnected. Team leaders can easily connect with the inter-team and intra-team structures via the task allocation feature.

Providing the most accessible options to do team projects, Asana also focuses on delivering the team with insights that let them focus on deadlines, synchronize with the team and reach the desired goals.

While managing critical and complicated issues, Asana provides tools that help to highlight the obstacles which are being faced by a particular team and puts them forward among the team leaders. Team leaders can analyze the issue and directly work on the subject. Asana helps find the root cause of matter that can happen while working in an agile environment.

Moreover, blindly spending money on software is not accepted by many companies. Asana gives a free version of its application to help users understand how to ease it.

Asana is an app available on

6. Mulesoft

21st Century states that "data is a new oil". When the organization moves away from on-premise to the cloud, Mulesoft helps connect devices, applications, tools, and data sources. Salesforce and mule soft are best in dealing with the complex combination that allows businesses to build an integrated path that is easily changeable or replaceable.

Mule soft is helpful to large businesses and enterprises occupied with enormous resources required to use the platform efficiently. It isn't uncomplicated and effortless to work with Mulesoft compared to other tools, but it gives occasion to companies to integrate applications simultaneously .
Thus Mulesoft makes a career path for enthusiastic software developers looking to develop skills and use their full potential.

7. Rapidi

Rapidi is a principal in the field of Salesforce Dynamic tools. It is an integration process that helps us to merge data technology. RapidiOnline also enables worldwide customer involvement in Salesforce to evaluate business processes.

RapidiOnline is unique because it allows us to warehouse and exhibits significant ERP data like sales, payment history, and financial surveys. Its product is not essential for coding and labor to remove double data entries.

Thus Rapidionline makes ongoing work smooth and helps in the integration process.

8. Nethunt

Nethunt is a robust application for small-sized companies that provides marketing and sales pathways. This application helps people who rely on email for their work on a day-to-day basis. This CRM software is designed to work and live with users' Google Mail accounts, and it is not limited to the Google mail account, thus providing access to other Google Suite features.

The application's main feature is mass updates which record mass CRM data. Other features include: Deal management, Call logging, Email tracking, Extension on chrome browser, etc. Using Nethunt, the team creates the ability to generate leads, which would help in doing messages and social media profiles and updating emails. Apart from Google features, this software works for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn App, WhatsApp, etc.

This application user gets an opportunity for a free trial and can use features at a low cost through NetHunt free trial.

Nethunt is an app available on

9. Bhoomi

Boomi provides the Experience of Integrations to change the activities (growth of overall revenue with consumers). Boomi helps to change the way of connecting with supply agents. Thus transforming, simplifying, and improving employee bonding and togetherness with work.

Also, the Experience of Integrations means one can successfully maximize the most critical asset, data. Giving a complete view of neat, safe, and trusted data with every available source, one can have a chain of connections that powers and enriches the ecosystem. It is on a new path to interact and establish a relationship with end-consumers that was never done effectively in the past.

In the course of operations, considering the Experience of Integrations means the organization performs activities with more intellect. Use faster and easier processes to execute work without depending on others' completion tasks, security, and effectiveness. A new world foundation in IT that can adjust to frequent fast-moving and ever-changing global climatic market and get the ideas of entering the market faster.

The Boomi platform brings the Experience of Integrations into a new living object on earth by preparing the data and leading you to this new land path of connectivity.


TIBCO empowers the caliber of real-time data to make things go faster by implementing intelligent decisions. The platform with intelligence effortlessly adjoints any application or source of data, smartly identifies data required for higher levels of authority, bonding, and control, and smartly makes the decision on real-time and scalable outputs.
Customers worldwide depend on TIBCO to make excellent experiences, empower operations, and wave the path for innovation.

11. Snaplogic

Snaplogic is a data integration tool that can manage multiple data via a single application. Designing the application is made in such a way that the current data requirements are fulfilled.

The popular functionality is Elastic Integration, which helps to process the system that allows the running of the cloud server. Thus the users of the application can quickly transfer their files from one part to another. It also plays an essential role in specifying the transportation process of the business.

Quick decision-making and analyzing faster and better business nimbleness with Snaplogic using companies. Companies that choose Snaplogic tend to use a 'cloud-based system' more significantly and effectively. It is being used globally as many big companies are adopting cloud technology.

12. Qlikview

Statistics are loaded systematically in the Qlikview application using the Qlik sense feature. This feature allows the consumers to have a steady flow of statistics and maintain the essential notes of those key performing indicators for their business. Companies can track and hold on to the parts of the business that make them more valuable and rectify the aspects of the industry with low performing index.

While using Qlikview, we can find some outstanding features that help the user across vital data. It has its own natural statistics analyzer that goes through all the company's data using the actual data provided by the users, using a simple search.

Social data also determine the engagement of the consumers, people in the company, and the high-level organization, which are necessary and leading factors for the organization's growth. These help to sort specific issues which are hard to solve using the traditional agile method.

Qlikview is designed to help enterprises struggling with data management and help them analyze what they need to do.

13. Actiondesk

Autodesk is developed for those who belong to CTO, software, and data engineers providing enormous and self-automatic access to the company's data without having a piece of deep coding knowledge. It takes you to the data warehouses or data-storing databases, where they can look into the information and prepare their views and data.

Using Actiondesk, data can be refreshed automatically. Consumers can explore various options to add logic to their organizational mindset.
Autodesk's Lookup function helps to mix up data easily with multiple sources of information.

14. Apache Airflow

Suppose you are a tech-type person who loves to work with codes and other intellectual works. In that case, Apache Airflow helps to authorize programmatically with a proper schedule and spectate the workflows.

The tasks are designated in such a way that the airflow works in such a schedule that it allocates an array of works to the workers who are following a specific protocol of dependencies on the network


Data integration tools can help you in cutting down IT costs. It saves you time and reduces errors while preparing and analyzing data, thus increasing efficiency. Selection of the right data integration tool is the most crucial step as business intelligence, analytics, and competitive edges depend on data integration but take time and trials.
Start using a data integration tool to improve your data quality.

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