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Interview with Igor Rudnyk of  Collaborator.pro InsiderApps recently spoke with Igor Rudnyk, the CEO of Collaborator.pro. The platorm is a Direct Advertisement Exchange Platform with thousands of websites and telegram channels to choose from for advertisement and promotional purposes. Collaborator.pro provides live audience data, and dynamics for the properties with over 40+ indicators including traffic, and audience sources for the last 6 months.

As an experienced SEO and marketing programmer, Igor's extensive and varied experience helped him come up with the idea of Collaborator.pro. In addition to answering our questions, he also left us with a simple message: "Thank you for the questions and your help for Ukrainian businesses. Your support is very important for us."

How did the idea of Collaborator.pro first come about?

IR: Actually, I’ve been working in the SEO and marketing industries for 12 years and have created a lot of projects, so I have some previous experience. Also we have a link building service provider brandcitations.com. Moreover I was interested in developing products. And one day I had an idea to combine my experience and got the result - PR marketplace.

What were some of the challenges of gaining the first clients of Collaborator.pro?

IR: Marketplace is the most difficult business model because you need to work with both sides of users: customers and suppliers. At first, we were focused on attracting website owners and then step by step we got our first customers. We had a fairly large networking coverage in the SEO market and it’s helped us to get early-bird clients. It was an amazing time of our beginning in the industry😀

What were things that attracted customers early on to Collaborator.pro as opposed to other competitors?

IR: I don’t think that we have some killer features, I’m sure that the most important thing was our persistence and faith.

But let’s try to find out some important points

Product-market fit. I have already said that we really know our market. And we offer some new solutions for working with PR articles and guest posts. Especially, we focused on the sites with live audiences.

Support. We provide live chat support from 8:00 to 23:00. Not one of our competitors can propose the same. And our team is really trying to help every user.

Design. Collaborator’s team has been investing a lot of effort in user experience. To be a design-oriented product is an extremely important part of our culture.

Product. We never have any problems with the ideas and we are listening to our customers, so improve Collaborator every day.

Marketing. There were some strong and old competitors on our market, that’s why we understood the important role of marketing. Because you can have the best product but just no one will know about it.

Finances. A huge part of the marketplace business is money processing and I am really thankful to our CFO that we make it great. And in this area we have some innovations that our users really like.

As you see - nothing special but details are everything😉

"Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we had a clear strategy but now everything is changing. Now our main goal is to scale new markets for Collaborator."
Tell us a little about your team structure. Has it been personally difficult to start delegating responsibilities as the team has grown?

IR: In the beginning, I want to say that we have an amazing team. And I’m just proud of every teammate. I don’t have any problem with delegating if I choose the right person for the position. Of course I make the wrong choice sometimes but it’s a usual work process.

Where do you see Collaborator.pro going from here?

IR: It’s a difficult question. Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we had a clear strategy but now everything is changing. Now our main goal is to scale new markets for Collaborator. I’m sure that Collaborator is a very useful product and we can help a lot of businesses to grow.

What's your best advice to someone trying to grow/scale a business?

IR: The main points:

Believe in yourself
Do MVP (minimum viable product) and validate the idea with your customers
Study a lot of customer journeys

And when you find product-market fit, just scale your product🚀

What are some tools (apps, software, platforms) that you find indispensable in running Collaborator.pro?

All-in-One SEO Tool

Email Management Platform for Professionals

Customer Feedback and AnalyticsTool

Modern Customer Relationships Platform

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