1Password Announces its Acquisition of Texas-based Passkey tool provider, Passage

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Safety and privacy is the most essential factor which comes up, especially when we are browsing. For the same, to make our lives easier, 1Password, a human-centric leader within the community of security and utmost privacy, has announced its acquisition of Passage, the first-powerless authentication company that supports adding biometric and other secure login features to applications by developers.

To further eradicate big businesses' hassles, 1Password is prepared to play a significant part in whisking the adoption of passwordless authentication across the globe.

Exploring The World of Technological Advances

This acquisition is expected to enable developers, consumers and business entrepreneurs to make their lives easier and feel more secure by adopting the passkeys. The future is AI, wherein it is essential to move ahead at the same pace, making the most use of the technology. Passkeys are developed in a manner to provide an innate representation replacing passwords with highly secured user interfaces. Making the most use of the passkeys will eliminate the chances of encountering phishing attempts. This will further also annihilate the misery of any forgotten password.

It is remarkable for both companies to come ahead with the future of passwordless authentication, which will ensure business efficiency and lower the methods of sign-up barriers.

Cole Hecht, the CEO and Co-founder of Passage claims that “Passwords are ubiquitous, but ever-changing requirements can make them a hassle to use, and that can harm the user experience and cause real ramifications for businesses.”

Cole added, “Password's market leadership and human-centric mission make them a natural fit to achieve our shared vision of a secure, user-friendly experience that enables businesses to deliver a frictionless and safe experience to users on any device – no QR codes required."

The motive behind the acquisition is to provide users with frictionless and safe experiences on any device. Following this, 1Password will allow the team to fasten its seatbelts and remain in the game of development for a long time.

Earlier this year, 1Password shook hands with the FIDO Alliance. Another open-source platform which enables password-only logins, which can easily be replaced with secure and fast login experiences to different websites and Apps. The partnership herein took place with top companies like Visa, Amazon, Microsoft, PayPal and many more, promoting password-less solutions via passkeys, fingerprint sensors, and facial recognition login setups.

“Enterprises around the world are rapidly adopting FIDO-based solutions, which have the tendency to bolster the journey towards a safer, passwordless future," said Andrew Shikiar, executive director and CMO of the FIDO Alliance. "

Generally, a PIN or a password is a must, at least for the backup cases where passwordless logging fails.

According to Shiner, CEO of 1Password, his business will implement a complete, end-to-end solution for passwordless authentication over the upcoming months. “In the first half of 2023, 1Password will launch with full functionality for creating, saving, and using device-independent passkeys,” said Shiner.

The acquisition is a perfect step to leading and culminating in a hackathon week where working hand in hand will help the entire world explore building a better solution together.

About 1Password

1Password’s human-centric security intends to keep people safe at home and in their workplace. The portal is built for everyone, irrespective of their level of technical proficiency. Founded in 2005, 1Password is an award-winning security platform that is on the go to re-shaping the future of authentication, making it passwordless. Tested by numerous businesses, they protect the sensitive information of millions of individuals across the globe. Their long-term motive is to provide privacy to more businesses in a shorter period.

About Passage

Founded recently in 2021, with its headquarters in Austin, TX, Passage is a modern identity keeper for mobile and web applications. It is built to make your logins delightful, giving users the easiest and the most secure authentication method. Founded by industry experts, Passage is committed to safeguarding your identity by reducing phishing and eliminating your passwords. It is seamlessly integrated with popular tech stacks and provides a smoother login experience for users.

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