Mozilla To Acquire Canadian-Founded Startup Pulse, An Automated Status Updater For Slack


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Firefox’s developer Mozilla is all set to make a rare amendment in the world of mergers with its big announcement of snapping the recently shuttered California-based productivity startup, Pulse. Pulse is an easy platform which enables to automates the status of Slack and various other digital workplace and communication tools.

As per the surveys, the specific deal of the term has not been revealed as of now, but it is yet to be tantamount to ‘acqui-hire’. The Pulse team will be used by Mozilla for a variety of machine learning (ML) initiatives.

According to Mozilla’s chief product officer, “We’re acquiring Pulse for the incredible team they have built,”. As we look to continue to improve user experiences across all of our products, ML will be a core part of that.”

The Essence of Pulse Within Startups And Beyond

Initially, when Pulse was established, it was guise simply as something which works as a virtual office platform. Over time with its rebranding, Pulse was soon regarded as an automated-status updating tool that uses its innate capability of sending signals which are solely based on pre-configured integrations set by the user.

Herein, users can easily synchronize Pulse according to their calendars and Slack. Moreover, to make it more useful, one can also set specific rules which will stipulate their statuses with a corresponding emoji which must adhere towards the keywords in their calendar’s event title. Following this fun activity, Pulse also inhibited integrations with businesses, and soon it began to be broadly used with Zoom.

The Array of Shutting Down

Over time, ever since its initiation, Pulse had seen massive radar, especially when it started to roll amongst small groups. Even after the radar, the company still managed to obtain some fairly-big names, including 1Password, and Netflix, providing affordable premium plans on a monthly basis.

As Pulse was majorly about communicating around the world irrespective of the tools and the timezones, this platform became excessively essential with remote work as Pulse was able to fit into a niche at a time when workplace culture started to revamp, right after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Moving Ahead With The Acqui-Hire

Regarding the acquisition, Slack was the probable contender for obtaining Pulse. It is not surprising to note down that Slack has not acquired Pulse, while Mozilla did.

Mozilla is all set to ramp up its investments after the big launch of the first venture capital fund, as Mozilla is not renowned for its M&A endeavours in any manner.

“Our strategy [with M&A] is pretty straightforward — we look for opportunities to bring on talent and technology that helps us improve experiences for our customers,” said, the Chief Product Officer, Teixeira. “With Pulse, this is about supplementing the skillsets we have here already as a way to speed up our development efforts. We have a high bar for any acquisition, but if we find teams and technologies with incredible talent that share our mission and vision for the future of the internet, we are absolutely open to pursuing a transaction.”

As of now, it is safe to state that what Mozilla is achieving for money is six people which also includes three founders of Pulse, Raj Singh, Jag Srawan and Rolf Rando, bridging the gap between technology and welcoming the execution of ML to Mozilla’s ML efforts.

“In building Pulse, we enabled a variety of machine learning experiences to make distributed teams feel more connected,” Raj Singh claimed. “Finding ways to use AI and machine learning to simplify user tasks is our passion.”

About Mozilla

A free and open-source web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation was established in 2002. Although the project released its Netscape browser suite course in 1998 with the basic features of tabs, search, add-ons and more. The unique corporate structure guarantees the internet platform is open and accessible to everyone. The not-for-profit Mozilla Foundation wholly owns the corporation.

About Pulse

A platform offering real-time relevant data enhancing your leadership community started with its guise as a virtual office and soon revamped into a platform called Loop Team. Pulse had a significant rebranding that helped individuals automate their statuses with an updating tool that can broadly be used for pre-configured integrations. This has made easier access for users and has helped organizations streamline their work for the better.

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