AI Powered; An Exceptional Podcast Transcription Tool Launched By Musixmatch


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With the advent of significant music services, in contrast to time-synced lyrics, many people are empowered to sing along. For the same, the Musixmatch community is now on a mission to launch AI-powered podcasts, thereby making it easier for people to connect, access, discover and share.

The addition of numerous features therein, Musixmatch argues that the podcast search is relatively seen as broken. According to the statistics, over 26% of the population prefers to listen to podcasts starting from morning 10:00 AM. As the extensive usage of podcasts are rising, Musixmatch has come up with this excellent podcast idea, bolstering with the usage of AI technology, where the models are powered technically via lyrics. This will further help to leverage the broader use of NLP, popularly known as Natural language processing, which is the real deal-maker, enabling the functionality of the podcast, its transcription, search and shareability.

How Well is Musixmatch Expected To Get an Accurate Result?

The new approach is a win-win solution for podcast fans, as this platform will automatically ensure to generate transcription every day, on a daily basis., including the top-most podcast episodes, to be run within the plethora of endless varieties.

The Highlight Of Using The Platform

What makes this platform stand out and different from other existing platforms is it uses the most advanced level of NLP model architecture, Umberto, to tag keywords as common as places, topics and various Wikipedia IDs. This is the sole reason Musixmatch can receive accurate results for the same.

Easy Usage And Processing

Having an extraordinary eye for detailing, this Musixmatch platform is used extravagantly with utmost ease. As we process further, all a user is expected to do is search on Musixmatch’s podcast platform, where the user can easily see snippets from transcriptions. Once you see this and click on the same, the podcast will begin playing right away at the timestamp where the phrase is mentioned. That's quite cool if you need to listen to some audio for a few minutes while doing some research.

AI Intervention

As we are well aware of the emergence of Musixmatch’s podcast now, we acknowledge our desired goal: to have people access easy technology wherever they go. Special thanks to AI (Artificial Intelligence), through which we have the tendency to synchronize everything and streamline as per real users. However, while AI on its own is fantastic, it cannot ensure high-quality material. When names of persons, companies, or brands are mentioned, the accuracy suffers but is still acceptable. In the case of Musixmatch, the new podcast portal is also introduced in relevance to the same.

A podcast Studio is introduced majorly to allow editors and various podcast owners to mend the advanced technology of AI and keep things handy for cultural references and brand names if any. The accessibility also involves transcriptions such as ‘Speaker 1 and 2’ along with a verified label, thus making it relatively more accessible for you to browse through. Do you know what’s more exciting?

They have also developed an attribute called ‘audiograms', short shareable films with audio and scrolling text taken from podcasts.

The above-mentioned information is not something Musixmatch wants to keep to itself. To make it usable to all, they have enabled podcasters to export transcriptions to their online feeds and mobile applications. Additionally, it clearly states that these texts are SEO-friendly and will make it simpler for readers to find them.

About Musixmatch

Musixmatch is an exceptionally renowned Italy-based company known for providing community-powered lyrics. Musixmatch is not limited to one arena rather, it offers lyrics to the best streaming platforms, which involve Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Tidal and more. With all due diligence, they are ready to step up their game in the world of music with this soft and unique launch, which is highly acquainted with AI and generates easy and effective transcriptions for proper community-verified editing.

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