Bolt Launches a Virtual Shopping Assistant Just in Time for This Holiday Season


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‘Shopping’, the word itself, is so contended that right after hearing it, some can not control their smile. One retail therapy can uplift your mood at any time of the day. Imagine all your dreams coming true with an all-new one-click checkout experience with a virtual shopper assistant.

Bolt, a leading technology company, has announced their latest product - Bolt Shopper Assistant. It is an all-new technology, willing to help retailers to turn into anonymous guest shoppers for the sake of account-holding customers. This newly added technological advancement is expected to provide a faster login for you to return to your shoppers, which will ultimately help to increase conversion with your personalized and customized experience.

Enter Into An Effortless Shopping Experience

Bolt’s launch and its addition can easily be stated as a unified solution to many problems that retailers have to face, including handling and growing account creation, logging with shopping sessions, and tracking conversions during checkouts. Merchants had to engage with multiple vendors to manage these services efficiently.

Herein, the virtual shopping assistant is ready to take a toll on all your problems. If you are a first-time shopper, Bolt’s assistant will ensure that as a user, you must register with your necessary details, set up an account and get a deal on your first purchase. Then, when customers are ready to purchase, they are not required to leave the website and search through their email for a discount code because the discount is automatically applied at checkout.

Carrying forward returning shoppers, the assistant will create a better and more streamlined experience once they log in. The user’s details are stored as per the previous data and will be kept safe and secured in the account, with the wide acceptability of Bolt’s passwordless login.

Shopper Assistant personalizes the experience for customers by allowing them to view their past order history, recently viewed products, product recommendations, reorders, and easily track their live orders, which increases customer engagement and, ultimately, increases checkout conversion.

“Working with a lot of retailers, one of the themes that have come up lately is how do they connect with their shoppers?” said Kuruvilla, the Founder and the CEO of the company. According to her survey and knowledge so far, she believes shopping experiences are controlled with many different tools, but they're pretty disconnected nowadays.

First-Hand, First-Customer Experiences

TYLER’S which is a renowned athletic and lifestyle apparel retailer saw significant success with the launch of Shopper Assistant. They were one of the first customers to have used Shopper Assistant. The same launch has been integrated into the retailer’s site by default. This enabled a customer to check a box to subscribe to the newsletter or use coupons if available.

With an increased amount of account registration, TYLER’S saw a rise upto 16%, followed by 14% within retailers' log-in. According to the stats, the shopper rate has finally increased by 6% at the checkout conversion. The latest product - Bolt Shopper Assistant has set some exceptional benchmarks on the top of the baseline, improving the conversions, Bolt offers.

About Bolt

Bolt is regarded as one of the top tech companies, building stronger relationships with their customers with unique launches from time to time. With their newly launched concept, Bolt enabled a logged-in, quick checkout. As of now, Bolt is used by hundreds of retailers to give their customers the frictionless checkout experiences they have come to expect.

Initially, the company targeted small and medium-sized businesses with its POS technology. However, with the gradual evolution, the company is now successfully coming forward with enterprise-grade products and onboarded popular brands as customers including popular online retailer Fanatics and fashion retailer Revolve.

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