Fanfix, a platform focused on Gen Z, launches SuperLink, a link-in-bio platform


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Fanfix is growing a solid user base, and its newest offering will drive even more traffic. The Gen Z-focused platform Fanfix has announced the debut of ‘SuperLink’, a standalone link-in-bio platform that highlights a creator's Fanfix page and focuses on monetization. The monetization platform has launched an internal link-in-bio solution that will compete against rival offerings from businesses like Linktree and Koji.

The launch of SuperLink coincides with a ‘Payment Lock’ feature at Linktree, a giant in the link-in-bio space that enables users to access a purchased document. Linktree also offers additional monetization options like the Linktree Marketplace, a tipping system, and a "Request Link" feature, allowing users to pay for requests like customized videos. Earlier, Fanfix used links-in-bio from third party offerings to point followers from Instagram and Snapchat to authors' paywall content.

Fanfix has built up a solid fanbase by appealing to Generation Z, but not yet being as popular as Patreon. Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid. Cameron Dallas, a former teen idol, and Madi Monroe, a TikTok celebrity, are some of the well-known users of Fanfix. Even though Fanfix is only a year old platform, its influencers have helped it attract roughly 10 million members. It currently has over 9.6 million registered members (including 2 million monthly active users and 2,000 creators), representing outstanding growth for a one-year-old business.

While Patreon, a rival company, has had an up-and-down year marked by layoffs and product releases, Fanfix is booming. Fanfix is not just interested in the fundraising game with its new product, it also hopes to compete in the link-in-bio market.

Major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are often criticized for dismissing the wants and needs of influencers. Founder and CEO of Patreon, Jack Conte, has been open about his disdain for Facebook and Instagram, Meta-owned platforms that mitigate “the relationship between the creator and the subscriber,” Jack Conte(Founder and CEO of Patreon) said.

SuperOrdinary Recently Acquired Fanfix

A month ago, Fanfix was acquired by SuperOrdinary. The acquisition combines the strengths of SuperOrdinary and Fanfix by establishing a connection between creators and the top consumer brands in the world. While brands will have access to millions of consumers as well as consumer and creative analytics, creators will be able to control and profit from commercial collaborations. With SuperOrdinary's access to content producers and brands in international markets, the relationship will also lay the framework for the growth of more creator-led brands and enable Fanfix to go worldwide.

Launch of New Features

Fanfix introduced several monetization solutions. Fanfix introduced a tip-to-DM service in March called "Tip-to-DM" that lets users contribute anything from $3 to $500 to message creators. According to Fanfix, the top 100 creators receive thousands of dollars in communications. The feature has generally brought in seven figures, or about half of the business's total income.

Fanfix intends to continue integrating new revenue tools into the expanding platform, including one-on-one calls and personalized videos, as well as exploring and discovering podcasts and gaming.

In December, Fanfix will release a live streaming feature that will let creators paywall their feeds and provide extras like live podcast episodes, Q&As, and other perks to their users.

About Fanfix

Fanfix is an app that allows fans closer access to creators and aids in monetizing their platforms. The Fanfix app was launched on October 26th, 2021, after Cameron Dallas introduced Fanfix in August 2021. Harry Gestetner is the current CEO of Fanfix. Fans may access exclusive content while supporting their favourite producers due to its simple, premium subscription platform. Fanfix allows creators to make money from their fan bases and engage with them on a whole new level while preserving complete control. In addition to many other things, creators can post blogs, exclusive images and videos, drop their manuals, give early access to upcoming releases, and more.

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