HR Acuity announces the acquisition of Anonymous Workplace Reporting Platform Speakfully


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To include Speakfully's workplace reporting technology in its Employee Relations Case Management Platform, HR Acuity has chosen to acquire the company. The deal's operational and financial details have not been made public.

Misconduct at work is increasing. According to data from 2021, 76% of workers had either been the target of or witnessed bullying, discrimination, or bribery at work.

Remote working has not eliminated all workplace wrongdoing. These days, video calls and other online communication tools are where all unpleasant office behaviour occurs.

However, remote working mandated by COVID-19, and in particular, its acceleration of the use of digital tools, makes it simpler for staff to feel empowered to report misbehaviour securely.

Employees can submit problems (anonymously if they'd prefer) and track the status and outcome of their complaints using platforms like Speakfully, giving them confidence that their employer takes workplace wrongdoing seriously.

HR Acuity will further enhance and accelerate its leadership in employee relations case management and investigations by expanding its reach with end-to-end employee capabilities.

HR Acuity has acquired Speakfully within a year of launching a new product called managER targeted at people leaders and receiving $47 million in funding from the K1 Investment Management.

Future of Employee Relations

"Creating a transparent and trusted relationship between employees and their employer has never been more critical. Speakfully is the best solution I have seen to ensure an employee's voice is heard when something goes wrong. This is a first and necessary step company must take if they want the insights that will enable them to take proactive steps toward creating better, more inclusive workplaces," said Deb Muller, CEO of HR Acuity. "I am excited to be welcoming the Speakfully team and its clients to the HR Acuity family! This acquisition elevates our offering by enabling organisations with a full, end-to-end employee relations and investigation solution from allegation to aftercare." He added.

Speakfully is a real-time, proactive data and analytics platform that gives HR teams the information they need to set priorities and have the dialogues they need to have with their employees. Speakfully enables employees to simply and securely contact HR from their desks or the field when something goes wrong at work. Employees can obtain real-time updates on the status and resolution of their issues via a secure site using a unique key and password created at the time of submission, whether they prefer to remain anonymous or share their name.

About HR Acuity

To manage their employee relations case management and investigations, mid-size and large businesses can use HR Acuity's award-winning HR SaaS system. They work to assist clients in reducing dangers to their reputations and creating better work environments. With built-in intelligence, templates, and reporting, HR Acuity's SaaS platform gives you the power to conduct impartial investigations according to best practices. Through forward-looking data and analytics, it identifies trends and patterns and gives your employees dependable, consistent experiences.

About Speakfully

Speakfully is a support, resource, and documentation platform that enables people and organisations to negotiate workplace harassment effectively and safely to promote more welcoming and positive working cultures. Through Speakfully's user-friendly and discreet interface, which provides assistance resources along the way, users can record their thoughts, feelings, and experiences resulting from mistreatment. Speakfully helps organisations show a dedication to the welfare of their people by giving them actionable insights about workplace cultures in real time. The business was started by enthusiastic executives committed to giving others a voice and making all workplaces safer.

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