Public Axis - GIPHY Arts Announces the Launch of a Roku App to Stream Commissioned Artist Clips


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GIPHY, regarded as the top source for the newest GIFs & Animated Stickers online, announces its latest project- The New Public Axis. The division is broadly dedicated to creating unique GIF Art for Artists. The company has launched a free exclusive App enabling users to select regions and view their GIPHY Clips. These are 30-second original short clips with audio.

What Exactly is the New Public Axis?

Public Axis is a part of GIPHY, which is considered an appropriate way of bringing uniquely produced content from a renowned artist to spread at an even greater height amongst audiences for the easy production of 30 seconds of original shorts. In a nutshell, this blend of rare and weird electrically animated clips by Giphy Arts will enable the easy verification of the artists.

If you are on the go to searching for the ‘Public Axis’, you can easily find it on Roku, where it will be available as a channel. Here, you can cast your content from your mobile browser, which must be compatible with the TV device.

The new ‘Public Axis’ is available to Roku users in many countries, namely the US, UK, Mexico, Germany, Canada, France, Ireland, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Australia, Argentina, Panama, El Salvador, Brazil, Peru, Honduras and Guatemala. If you are browsing from any of these countries, then it’s a lucky aspect for you, as it is free to download via the Roku Channel store and runs without the occurrence of any unnecessary ads. Users in these areas can add the Public Axis channel by going to the Channel Store or entering the code 5PZHHXM.

As a user, you will have an innate privilege to generate and upscale your experience with the original commission, which an artist must have developed with the help of GIPHY Arts. Moreover, as a user, you will also have access to plenty of video shorts, clips or certain episodes.

How is the Platform Expected to Function?

As mentioned above, this Public Axis is hosted on Roku, a streaming platform providing easy access to commissioned Giphy Artist clips. One of the most notable highlights of this platform is it is easily selectable and shows no loops unless you intend to manually watch the same clip over and over again.

According to Roku, ‘A net add of 2.3 million active accounts for the third quarter is bringing the total to 65.4 million in the upcoming days’.

If you wish to acquire more information about the Public Axis, you can easily browse

All this while, Giphy has remained at the forefront, especially in the short-form video space. They made their very first step back in 2019, marking the launch of ‘Giphy Video’, which was later renamed to ‘Giphy Clips’. With the launch of the new platform, it is easy to state that it’s complete 8 months, post the Tik-Tok integration of Giphy’s clips in the Tik-Tok Library, known as an in-app creation tool.

In addition, Roku has set its own standards in embracing short-form video trends. This streaming media platform rolled out a new short-form feature, namely ‘The Buzz’, which also gave easy access to short content like trailers, interviews, and images from AMC+, Apple TV+, BET+, SHOWTIME, Starz and other partners. The reason why Roku was chosen for the launch is it contains no paywall and does not require any subscription to watch the Public Axis.

About GIPHY Arts

GIPHY is the very first and the largest GIF Search engine. GIPHY does not just allow users to search for a preferred GIF, but as a user, you can also embed, share and create more GIFs at your own pace. GIPHY Arts was established in 2013. Giphy is now integrated with thousands of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Twitter, WhatsApp, including iMessage. Over the years, GIPHY has been able to serve more than 10 Billion pieces of content which involves GIFs and stickers.

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