Gamification Integration for App Creation

Artificial Intelligence has been paving its way in every sector recently. We live in an era where people tend to go an extra mile to have a great experience with the softwares. Nobody is happy with what they are getting. Consumers always look for excellent and stable mobile apps with gamification features to keep them engaged and interactive.

But what exactly is gamification? It is the idea of applying gaming dynamics from the games to the mobile application while encouraging the users to return to the app. This can increase the traffic and the user's engagement with the product. This idea is based n the simple psychology that the users need to be a failure with the application before engaging with its product or the service that the application is providing.

Advantages of Gamification Integration in the app creation

Borrowing the elements from the games and adding them to your application helps in various ways.

Gamification revolves around user interaction and engagement and the stickiness to result in user retention rate. It enhances user acquisition as people love to talk and share about the new games and new interactive measures.
It enables the word of mouth marketing.
It plays on the adventure element of the user's psychology to create an impact.

Types of gamification elements

  • Rewards
  • Quizzes
  • Virtual Good
  • Badges
  • Leaderboards
  • Progress Display

1. Blippar

An AR design tool that is easy to learn and lets the user add a layer of interactivity to the printed materials, Blippar is a powerful way to create AR and gamification integration in various apps. This is a simple but powerful tool and way to create Augmented reality and gamification.

With the expanded capabilities from Geo Tagging to layered content, the software delivers the promise of impressive tech for people scanning for various blips or content. Along with that, also being able to control how the content flies and comes in, Blippar is one of the neatest and the most classic gamification software in the market.

With the power of augmented reality to open up the new world of immersive stories and storytelling, with the help of Blippar, one can skip all the complexity and go straight to creating gamification experiences. The AR web editor gives the power to transform the packages, adverts, magazines, and creative content into engaging augmented and gamification reality.

Features of Blippar

Blippar offers a set of functions for designing and gamification integration.

  • Dragging Widgets
  • Dragging Buttons
  • Upload Asset Library
  • Primitive Shapes
  • Rich Text
  • 3D Shapes integration
  • Animations
  • Motion Effects
  • Gamification integrations
  • Gamification User Interface Development
  • Project Dashboards

Advantages of Using Blippar

  • Complex 3D modeling and texture loading: The application lets the developers import 3D models, including textures and video animation, from various existing 3rd party authoring tools like 3D Max, Blender, or Maya. It also helps in controlling the programmatically with simple JavaScript calls provided by the Blippar libraries.
  • Animation: Blippar also provides its energies in addition to the ones other 3D AUthoring TOols have imported. APIs allow procedural and specialized types o animation that must be added via the script.
  • Face Tracking: Blippar tracks the face and its various elements to enhance the user interface. It recognized the pose estimation, Facial Feature Tracking, and Expression metrics.
  • Video and Audio Recording: The software provides rich APIs to record the AR experiences in real-time. A developer can capture the various selfie reactions and selfie masks or record the creation for social media. All of this can be transferred into the gamification interface as well.

Disadvantages of Using Blippar

Although it is one of the market leaders in the gamification integration for the application, there are various cons and issues with the software.

  • The 3D objects available in the software are not customizable.
  • One cannot duplicate or delete an asset present in the library.
  • The application does not have intuitive controls. The application has a steep learning curve.

Blippar is an app available on

2. Swing2App

One of the top mobile application development platforms leaders, Swing2App helps businesses design, launch, test, and manage apps for iOS and Android devices. One of the market leaders for the gamification integration, the software includes an authoring tool with configurable templates that lets the users personalize and gamify the apps using the custom colors, themes, user interface, and much more.

Additionally, the app's content editing tool helps the developers add and remove the content in real-time. This helps change the user interface without needing the entire stack developer. IT also offers various features, including posts, bulletin boards, multiple chat rooms, submission to official app stores, custom domain, and much more.

IT professionals can manage to push the notifications and memberships using the administration portal. Additionally, the platform uses the AWS cloud infrastructure system, enabling the organizations to handle the daily data backups, safeguard app users' information and securely transfer the data using HTTPS.

Swing2App offers a free version, and paid plans include monthly/annual subscriptions. Additionally, customer support is extended via phone, email, FAQs, and other online measures.

Features of Swing2App

This gamification tool is one of the best tools in the market for application development.

  • Access Controls
  • Access Permissions
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Debugging
  • Deployment Management
  • Drag and Drop
  • Forms Creation and Design
  • Mobile Development
  • No-Code
  • Pre-Built Templates
  • Visual Modelling
  • Gamification Integration
  • Push Notifications
  • CMS
  • Customizable Templates
  • App Popups
  • Analytics

Advantages of using Swing2App

This no-code gamification integration and app developer has various advantages when used.

  • Risk-free development: This no-code app platform allows room to experiment with your mobile app and gamification ideas. One can create an MVP first to check the waters and see how people perceive the concept. The developers can also test their ideas with the focus groups available online to see if their gamification idea is worth developing or not. This way, one is not investing a considerable amount of money.
  • Affordable: Investing in app development is a high-risk zone and is quite expensive. Instead of investing thousands of dollars, a no-code app creator offers an affordable solution with the DIY approach. Without hiring an in-house team, entrepreneurs can create apps themselves with the splendid UI without a line of Code.
  • Reduced time to market: With the help of this application, it is easy to sell this application. Instead of spending months on the application development, using this gamification application will help the entrepreneurs launch the product sooner than the competitors.

Disadvantages of sing Swing2App

Although the application is quite as per the market standards, there are various cons that the users have pointed out.

  • The application does not have an easy user interface. The users have a steep learning curve.
  • No free version is available for the users to experiment and look at the application's use.
  • They have low storage.


  • Basic: $33
  • Expandable: $55
  • Premium: $100

Swing2App is an app available on

3. Wavemaker

Another low-code app development platform, WaveMaker, is one of those platforms that teams can quickly adapt. It fits seamlessly into the existing development methodology and generates real readable Code.
This application allows organizations and businesses to create custom applications that can help streamline their operations as well as boost their efficiencies and productivity. It eliminates the need for coding and the complications it brings with the process.

The users can develop the applications within their infrastructure. The users can also develop various gaming interfaces inside the application to enhance user interactivity.

Not only that but various collaboration and communication tools are also available to help boost the efficiency and productivity of the team. Hence, the users can create gamification interfaces to meet their requirements without spending too much time, effort, and money.

Features of WaveMaker

  • One-click Preview and Deployment
  • Authentication
  • Role-Based Access Controls
  • Ready-to-use Templates and Themes
  • ANdorid and iOS App Stores
  • Databases
  • Version Control Integration
  • API and Web Service Integration
  • Team Collaboration
  • Gamification Integration
  • Customize and Extend Code, and much more.

Benefits of Using WaveMaker

With an enterprise-grade platform, there are many benefits of using WaveMaker.

  • Cost-Efficiency: This application has the lowest Total Cost of Ownership when developing high-quality applications. It eliminates the need to handle the codes, making the app development fast by 67% and the coding efforts lowered to 98%. Along with that, it reduces maintenance-related expenses by 75%.
  • Transparency and Flexibility: ANother advantage of using this application is that this software is much more transparent and flexible compared to other developers in the market. It offers total vendor independence, resulting in the development of applications within the locked vendors. The projects can be transferred to ZIP files, and the users can work on their codes in the IDE. The application also has the option to be hosted on-premises, on a private or public cloud.
  • Enterprise-Grade Platform: This software is already tested on various levels of organizations and corporations. Along with that, at multiple levels of risk as well. The platform offers dependable, robust security and SLA-based support.
  • Microservices Based App Delivery Support: Apart from providing an API-driven development, WavMaker also supports a Microservices-based app delivery system. The application built on this platform not only promotes enterprise-grade security and architecture but also offers a consumer-grade user experience while delivering reusable components that drive faster application delivery.
  • Integrations: The application can be integrated with other market leaders like Google Play, Apple App Store, Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Oracle, Feed, Google Cloud, and many more.

Cons of using WaveMaker

Although it is one of the most flexible gamification integrations applications in the market, there are various other cons and disadvantages to chile using the application.

  • The application is quite costly.
  • The open pricing for the enterprise wavemaker is not available.
  • Generally, the is a problem with the developer license.
  • The Desktop version is o more available.
  • It is not suitable for Startups.


  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Professional WaveMaker: $249/developer/month
  • Enterprise WaveMaker: Contact the vendor

Wavemaker is an app available on


The ultimate goal of gamification is to create the sticky apps that people love to keep coming back to. The idea is to make apps that result in user retention. Gamification works best with the social charing element, which is why the mobile platform is perfect. The upside is that the more people like your app, the more they will talk about it to join the adventure.

But the, gamification is not a makeover tool. If it is not done correctly, it is pointless, and there is no reason to carry out this process.

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